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How can I help Australian clients solve customs clearance problems?

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2019-07-02

My Australian client passed us on May 18, 2019 Sunny Worldwide Logistics Booked 1X20GP container of ONE Shipping CompanyFrom Shenzhen Shekou to Melbourne, AustraliaThe boat departed on May 29 and is expected to arrive at the destination on June 19.Melbourne. Three days before we arrived at the port on June 16, we submitted a telecom application to the shipping company, and on the 17th we got the shipping company's electric order. At this time, the supplier found the bill of lading, the bill of lading, the quantity of the invoice and the actual quantity of the goods loaded in the container. Inconsistent, the bill of lading shows that the number of goods is 416 boxes, and the actual container is 417 boxes. I think everyone should be like my original idea. A box of goods is no big deal. Remind the customer to tell his customs clearance agent and let the customer clear the customs. The agent can go to customs clearance. In fact, when I told the customer about this, the customer also said: It is not worth worrying about , Only one carton.

On June 18th, I received an email from the customer's customs clearance agent in Australia. After the customer asked him about the number of cases, the customs clearance agent asked us to immediately change the bill of lading or the shipping company's manifest, requesting correction for the correct data clearance, if customs Customers will face a fine of 10,000 Australian dollars. I immediately contacted ONE Shipping Company after consulting the e-mail to check whether the bill of lading or manifest can be changed. The answer is that ONE Shipping Company cannot change the bill of lading or manifest data after confirming the electric discharge. I felt very helpless at the time, we Sunny Worldwide Logistics As a customer in China shipping agentWe are only responsible for the work of this part of the maritime transport. I have no way to control the problem of loading more goods and clearing the destination under this FOB clause, but the customer's Australian customs clearance agent is determined to change. How to do it?

With the spirit of serving customers to solve problems for our customers, we consulted our own Australian customs clearance agent and learned that the Australian Customs Broker Certificate is very difficult to test. The Australian Customs will regularly check the customs clearance email records to verify whether the customs clearance personnel are fair. Transparent customs clearance, if such declaration data does not match the actual quantity, if the customs finds that not only the consignee will have a fine, the relevant customs clearance personnel of the consignee customs clearance company will also have corresponding deduction points.

I understand why I understand here. The customer's customs clearance agent reacted so fiercely. Even the customer felt that he was a bit exaggerated. It turned out that this would affect his career. I learned that I took the initiative to write a letter of explanation to the customs clearance agent, explaining in detail the process of our batch declaration and packing inconsistency. And the reason, and explain that we are because the bill of lading and manifest are indeed unable to change, so I hope he can explain the situation with the Australian Customs in advance, the customer's customs clearance agent is very satisfied after receiving this explanation letter, thus avoiding his deduction. The situation can also help the customer to clear the customs smoothly. Now that the container has been cleared, the customer has mentioned the goods and they are all happy.

According to the practice of general logistics companies, this has nothing to do with me. I have tried my best, but the purpose of our Sunny Worldwide Logistics is “Taking Care of the Cargo More than The Owner.”. I can't just use this as a slogan, but to implement it in every detail. This is why my Australian client has been working with me.

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