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How can I get a complete quote for your freight forwarder quickly?

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  • Release Date:2018-09-07
  For a lotforeign tradeFor newcomers, sometimes the guest gives a trade clause and asks you to make a quote, but it is not clear how you need to quote in the freight part under a certain clause.
There is something to pay attention to in the middle. This requires finding a freight forwarder that can cooperate frequently to give you a quote, and share with you what information you need to provide to your freight forwarder.
You can quickly get the cost of shipping and then quote it to your foreign guests, which will allow you to increase your recognition of your professionalism.

First of all, we must understand some of the more common ways of dealing with international freight.

1, FOB on board delivery price

It is popular to say that foreign customers have already designated freight forwarding, and only need the delivery party to arrange the trailer and customs declaration of the port of origin. There are also EXW ex-factory prices delivered directly at the factory or at the customer's designated place. The trailer declaration is arranged by the customer. The customer can pick up the goods and the factory can deliver it.

2, CIF cost plus insurance, freight

The popular point of understanding is that the door to the port (including the port of departure trailer + customs declaration + sea freight) is generally said to be free of insurance, the customer requires insurance to calculate the value of the goods, you can also use the term CIP is only CIF is generally only used in the sea, CIP is suitable for a variety of modes of transport including multimodal transport, such as air transport.

3, DDU double clear duty-free delivery

DDP is a double-cleared duty-paid delivery (including tax). The popular point of understanding is door-to-door. It is often said that the double-clearing one-stop has a port trailer + customs declaration + shipping + destination port clearance, and the need for door-to-door delivery depends mainly on the customer. The need to pay attention to the DDP must provide the value of the goods because the tax is based on the value of the goods.

Therefore, when inquiring into the freight forwarding, it is best to explain FOB/CIF/DDU/DDP. If it is FOB, you need to provide: goods name / cabinet type / quantity / weight / loading address / shipping port / pay order or document. Of course, it may also be bulk cargo. You don't need to provide the cabinet type only need to provide the quantity: several parties.

The difference between the customs declaration and the customs declaration

Only enterprises/factories with export rights have documents, and customs declarations need to provide a complete set of customs declaration materials to the freight forwarding/declaration brokers. The state encourages exports and refunds taxes on enterprises with export rights. Therefore, the enterprises that declare customs declarations mainly can apply for tax refunds. The specific refund depends on the national policy corresponding to the goods.

Buying a single declaration refers to an enterprise that does not have the right to export. It uses the documents of others to declare customs. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide a document for the customs declaration, and it does not have the right to refund the tax.

CIF needs to provide:
Product name/cabinet type/quantity/weight/loading address/shipment port/buyer or document, and destination port DDU/DDP need to provide value based on CIF information based on customer specific requirements/ Destination detailed address / consignee information, etc.

When the freight forwarder receives the above information, it will give the consignor (customer) a quotation to confirm the quotation and then take the order. Generally, the customer needs to provide: packing list/providing the manifest to the customer to fill in the information and the customer confirms the error (including the packing list information). /ship, etc.)

Take CIF as an example:

The freight forwarder arranges the trailer (listing the cabinet number, license plate number, driver and contact number) to the shipping company to issue the SO (booking list/packing list)

The suitcase will be given to the trailer driver. The driver will take the suitcase to go to the yard to make a bill. After the bill is placed, he will get a “device handover order” (multiple-in-one) and a seal driver to hold the information to the designated yard. Empty the cabinet, then go to the factory to load the cabinet. After the factory is loaded with the goods, seal the box with a seal (usually take photos and collect evidence) and then pull the sealed container back to the dock.
After the container arrives at the yard, the yard will be delivered according to the pre-allocation manifest provided by the freight forwarder. After the “pre-matched manifest” and “shipping information”, the customs broker can declare the customs. It is usually best to set aside two for the customs declaration. Day time (before the ship is intercepted)

After customs clearance, the shipping company issues a bill of lading according to the carrier of the cargo transporter. The general procedure for settlement of the bill is like this. Other matters, depending on the specific circumstances, the customer can get the bill of lading/invoice/packing list and other information. Lifting, customs clearance, etc.

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