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Shenzhen metro volunteers take a one-day trip of Sunny worldwide logistics

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-02-25
Last Saturday, Sunny worldwide logistics went to the Shenzhen North Railway Station for a day of volunteering with the business of Meiyang Glass. To fulfill the PK promise of both sides of Ali's Hundred Regiments. Before the departure, everyone was in a hurry and worried that this job could not be done well. However, when I arrived at the subway station, I was seriously involved in the work after I had assigned my work. The content of each volunteer service is the same - to guide the pit stop, outbound, guidance, translation, help to recharge the ticket and go to the train for security inspections.

The combination of more than 30 people is packed full, and everyone is busy in the passengers entering and leaving the station. Standing for a long time, walking and talking constantly, everyone is exhausted when they get off work. However, the correct guidance again and again, the active and in-place translation of the smiling faces of domestic and foreign passengers constantly invigorated us. People say that the smile of volunteers is the best business card in China. We must say that the passengers recognize and affirm It is the most precious reward for volunteers.

On Saturday, this line provided guidance and help for the passengers. They also enriched themselves while paying, broadened their own value, gained a fuller spirit and increased the team's cohesiveness. Giving people a rose, the hand has a fragrance, this is the "different happiness" of the subway volunteers.