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Sunny worldwide logistics's Ali Baituan Wars Awards Ceremony

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-01-09
After more than two months, the Hundred Regiments Battle finally came to a close, Sunny worldwide logisticsThe soldiers of Meiyang Glass fought day and night, and achieved good results during this period.
Now let our great military commander Maggie come to the awards for the four soldiers who have completed their mission in the Hundred Regiments, Alvin, Rita, Chally, Jonana.

The new business, Jolee, shares this pressure and will make himself stronger, so that he can have the ability and confidence to break it when he meets bigger challenges in the future.
The old business Joanna shared that this experience brought us the best gift, not a data-based transcript, but an improvement in the mentality and state of the whole person in this process.
Take the strengths of others, continue to improve and constantly improve, and build a battle of fire that will never go out in your heart!

Of course, in addition to the sharing of our business, there is daily encouragement from Sunny worldwide logistics's senior business Micheal, and the support of Chairman Alice.
In fact, regardless of whether the new business or the old business participated in the Hundred Regiments, they have paid 100% passion and sweat on this young battlefield, let us applaud their spirit.