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How does Sunny worlwide logistics Logistics serve customers

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-12-11
Not long ago, Alice gave us a task for the business department of Sunny worlwide logistics to share how to serve their customers.

When our business jack communicates with customers, we will think about what our customers think, and we are anxious about our customers. In the case of a tight schedule, the supplier can still release the goods without collecting the payment.
So he wrote in the article that the most solid bond with the customer is still the word trust.
Jolie shared a story of her, in order to allow customers to get customs clearance documents as soon as possible, in the weekend, racking their brains to help customers solve problems, won the praise and trust of customers, and promised the next order or she arranged the shipment .

Alvin's customers were approaching the delivery date, so the goods that wanted to go by sea did not find the shipping company and wanted to change the air. After learning about this situation, Alvin discussed with the colleague Niki of our Ministry of Commerce and communicated with the shipping company. Try not to smash the cabinet. In the end, the order went to sea and arrived at the destination smoothly. The customer was very grateful to Alvin for his efficient and professional processing capabilities.
Alex shared that when the goods arrived at our warehouse, the outer packaging was already ruined. In order to catch up with the upcoming schedule, Alex and colleagues helped repackage 100 boxes of goods over the weekend, without delaying the shipping schedule. .
There are still many things like this. The maintenance of the customer is not a one-off event, nor is it an immediate thing. It needs to be done on the ground and needs to be accumulated bit by bit.
I believe that as long as we take the needs of our customers seriously, continue to work hard, continue to pay, and treat each other with sincerity, we will win customer support and trust.