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Sunny worldwide logistics Annual Summary Conference

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-01-19
Looking back is a gesture to better look into the distance. 2018, for everyoneSunny worldwide logisticsFor the family, it is a year of joy and sweat. We moved to the new office this year and we are welcoming new opportunities and challenges.
There is sweat and laughter in this process. The results and harvests of the whole year will be presented one by one today. Let's take a look at what the family has been doing for a whole year.

Alex: Going back to the past, there is still a big gap from what I expected. Where is the effort and where is the receipt? I hope that I will have a good harvest in my own efforts and persistence in 2019.
Blair: Constantly charge yourself, check more, overcome inertia, keep an eye on the target and act
In 19 years, live a new self.
Jolie: I walked slowly, but never let myself stop. The key to life is to establish great goals and resolve to achieve them.
Summer: In terms of feedback, I not only learn how to communicate effectively to deal with problems, but also learn to feedback effective information.
Joey: The work of the operation is trivial and meticulous. For each customer's requirements, we should have a deep understanding and actively adapt to the future operations to make the operation smoother and provide customer satisfaction.
Betty: If you want to improve, don't be afraid to do more things, and don't just do one thing simply. ”

Looking back at 2018, we are full of pride; looking forward to 2019, we are full of confidence.Sunny worldwide logistics will be on the same stage, and it will continue to innovate.