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Heavy! Since April 20th, customs inspections have merged and the import process has been greatly red

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-04-17
  April 12,CustomsThe inspection and integration program was introduced.

In order to implement the arrangements for deepening the work plan for deepening the reform of the party and state agencies, and in accordance with the duties of customs business management and the inspection and quarantine management responsibilities for entry and exit inspections, the relevant agencies have quickly introduced relevant plans and deadlines, and can clearly see through the promotion of service plans. The future for import and export companies should be very good news.

The plan introduced that, in accordance with the principles of prior integration of business areas that can be completed immediately before April 20, 2018, the content of business optimization and integration was proposed.

According to the plan, we found that the customs clearance process has been greatly reduced. We mainly deal with the links in the import and export trade sector in four areas.

Customs Clearance of Import and Export Goods - Realization of "Three Ones"

The first three yelled for a long time, but it has been impossible to really fallThe land has also caused tremendous problems for the enterprises, which has affected the efficiency of the supply chain. Now that the inspection process and the customs inspection process are integrated, companies can experience significant time compression and trade convenience under a single window platform.

One declaration:
Through a "single window" to achieve "a declaration, unified through a "single window" to implement inspection; further increase the "single window" standard version of the promotion of efforts to improve the main reporting business coverage, covering the inspection and quarantine.

One check:
The customs inspection combined three inspection links, and retained three links: inspection orders issued, inspections performed, and abnormal handling of inspection results.
The integrated inspection site is responsible for the inspection and quarantine of the inspection business and the merger of customs departments and personnel to form a unified inspection team and process.
The inspection and control system of both sides of the inspection and control system runs synchronously and collides with the respective systems within the same time period. If the collision is successful, the corresponding personnel with inspection, inspection and quarantine skills shall be randomly assigned to carry out the operation according to the inspection instruction to avoid double inspection; if the failure is unsuccessful, the operation shall be carried out according to the existing operation procedures.

Once released:
The consignee or consignor withdraws the goods according to the customs release order, and the customs sends a release order to the supervising site and makes a nuclear collision in the release link to realize a release.
Transportation Tools Boarding Inspection - Unified Supervision Team
As a ship transportation management, it also relates to the speed of customs clearance after arrival in Hong Kong. The three links are combined with one link to retain the end of quarantine inspection and boarding inspection.
The maritime department shall take the lead in the inspection and quarantine operations of international shipping vessels, and together with the customs, border defense, inspection and quarantine departments, jointly implement the boarding and inspection of international sailing ships.
The Customs currently has one link of boarding inspection, inspection and quarantine of existing health quarantine and boarding inspection. There are 3 links in total, 1 link is merged, and 2 links of health quarantine and boarding inspection are retained.
After the integration, it is responsible for the inspection and quarantine of the transportation tool boarding inspection business and the customs department (group) and the personnel integration work to form a unified supervision team of transport tools, unified command, and check different requirements according to the means of transport (health and quarantine, animal and plant quarantine, boarding inspection, etc. ) Arranging and scheduling various professionals to carry out operations.

Express Mail Supervision - Optimized for Five Links
The express mail clearance is also a very important link in the logistics speed of the company. The customs and inspection and quarantine processes are optimized, and the nine major links are optimized into five links.
The inspection and integration scheme optimizes the five express mail supervision links for animal and plant quarantine, application, inspection, inspection and release of containers, and no one has issued a customs clearance slip for low-value cargo shipments.

On-site workplaces and inspection equipment, integrated inspection and inspection express inspections and inspection sites, unified deployment of equipment.

Enterprise registration and registration - a registration to obtain two declarations of customs declaration

Coordinating the industry and commerce and inspection and quarantine departments, and binding the two items of registration of the import and export goods of the customs and the inspection and quarantine inspection enterprises. The newly registered enterprises may choose to register the import and export goods, or the inspection and inspection company, for record filing, which can be achieved. Apply for one time and get two qualifications for customs declaration and inspection at the same time.

At present, the promotion time of the plan has been limited. Before April 8th, all the directly-affiliated customs areas will formulate a detailed promotion plan. On April 20th, the implementation will be fully implemented.

Now, the customs inspection process has been further transparent and efficiency has been greatly improved. Enterprises should make full use of such dividends.

According to the adjustment of the regulatory agency's thinking, the company will further optimize the internal import and export business processes, sort out the personnel structure, and comb fees. Continuously optimize supply chain security and improve logistics efficiency, reduce operating costs, and manage risk.