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Shipping container tips sharing

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-11
Strictly grasp the head and grasp the tail, the quality and professional service is carried out to the details, always saidSeaThe smooth delivery of goods is a good start.

Then the details of our cabinets are the most important, and we can prevent all possible problem factors that cause problems from being at the source.

Xiaobian This is about cabinet knowledge and protection skills.

A protective airbag is added between the pallets to avoid problems such as deformation, damage and scratches caused by violent impact.

The summary of the carton cargo packaging is summarized. After the installation, the protective net can be installed to avoid the damage of the goods caused by the opening of the container in the destination port or the injury of the workers.
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Carton cargo operation process:

   1) If a large carton of uniform size is installed in the container, a gap will be created. When the gap is about 10cm, it is generally not necessary to fix the goods, but when the gap is large, it needs to be fixed according to the specific conditions of the goods;
(2) If the cartons of different sizes are mixed, the carton size should be reasonably matched to achieve close packing;
(3) The carton of LCL should be separated. Paper, net, plywood, electric pallets, etc. can be used for the ticket, or chalk, tape, etc. can be used as symbols;
(4) When the carton is not enough to fill a container, pay attention to the stacking height of the carton to meet the requirements for filling the bottom of the container.

  2. Carton loading and fixing operations
(1) Packing is to be carried out from the box or from the sides to the middle;
(2) When creating a gap of 250-300 cm in the lateral direction, the weight of the upper cargo can be used to press the lower cargo, and the uppermost cargo must be filled or fixed;
(3) If the carton is very heavy, it needs to be properly padded in the middle layer of the container;
(4) When there is a large gap at the door end of the box, it is necessary to use a square wooden strip to fix the goods;
(5) When loading small cartons, in order to prevent collapse, the stacking method can be used.
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 In addition, questions about warehouse receipts and interiors:
     A) Be sure to let the shipper confirm the number of pieces/weight/volume of the goods. Even if the goods bought in the store are known to be shipped by the store, it is better to know the volume. The volume is best measured. In order to avoid the wrong number of squares, it can not be installed.
     B) The requirements of the warehouse interior, such as whether it is fragile and light, can not be littered, how to place special goods, (half heavy goods, half light weight, or non-standard goods, etc.), if it is not full, it should be reinforced. All goods can not be trampled, etc., should be noted. Require warehouse attention to details, photo requirements, etc.
     Remind the country about the first export to the door, please be sure to confirm the customs clearance documents before shipment, especially the non-state, the requirements of the documents of the European ground line, some need third-party institutions to come out. Please Look at the correct operation photos of Hong Mingda.

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