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Attention to Maritime Process -- Sunny Worldwide Logistics

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-08-10
In international logistics transportation, whether it is sea transport, air transport, 
international express delivery, need to declare.

Today, the editor will take you to understand the shipping process attention.

First, after we first receive the SO from the freight forwarder, we should confirm the following:

1, shipping company
2, ship name voyage
Export ports
4, arrange the collection time
Be sure to open after the time, otherwise there will be additional warehouse rental costs.
Perhaps the booking has to apply for a free warehouse rental fee before the cabinet can be brought forward in advance.
5, making cabinet time is generally from the opening time to the weight cutting cabinet time. Make the cabinet two days before the cut-off at the latest.

matters needing attention

It's not like you can make a bill or an appointment,

Sometimes the shipping company did not put the box, perhaps the ship company's explosion cabin seriously lack of cabinets, 
there will be no cabinet.
Some show differences when they are typed.

(For example, if Yantian makes a list showing that the snakkou box belongs to the box, there will be a different cost. ))

Make the day to confirm the customs declaration method: guests provide documents or pay for customs declaration.

If it is to cut off the cabinet as far as possible to do the cabinet before the end of the day, 

or at the latest the next day before 9 o'clock to give information for declaration.

Special Note: The checkout box provides Chinese name and declaration elements(Chinese name, material, 
model, processing method, use, card)

Son, whether there is enjoy, outside the mirror label production or domestic and other basic information)
International Sea Freedom To Worldwide

Second, customs clearance process
1, check the computer manifest, that is, there is no presence of heavy cabinets. (Heavy cabinet paper, 

not if there is no information in the customs computer)

2, find the shipping company number(in the case of barges, you also need to confirm the name of the ship to the shipping company)

3, the order(must be linked to the customs customs declaration bank before the order)

4, check the basic information such as the write-off form, the name of the ship, etc., and send it to the examination center after confirmation(the examination center is the Customs General Pass)

5, the examination center receipt, printing customs declaration

Declaration of Declaration(in case of cabinet inspection, arrange inspection plan with the assistance of customs declaration officer)

7, after the release(Yantian online automatic receipt of release. The release bar of the snake mouth needs manual operation to activate the release bar time)

III. Declaration of special cargo

Brand name products: The owner of the brand is required to authorize the export unit in an electronic manner. (
Operation online authorization) to provide authorization to declare customs.

2, wooden products: products with wood material need to be commodity inspection customs declaration. (Including the inner packaging is a beautiful wooden box)

3, 18 years of new reporting elements: A, about the brand: brand is foreign brand production or domestic brand production.

B, on the enjoyment of: Shekou Port can not choose to be uncertain, can only choose to have customs or no enjoyment two.

(Payment Inspection) May 18, export to New Zealand, Australia, India, the country's commodity inspection can not do.

Reason: the customer's regular export can be done, it is said that there are restrictions on Chinese exports of wood products.

If you still have any questions about these shipping procedures, please feel free to contact us. Suuny Worldwide Logistics