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Pallet packaging for international logistics knowledge

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-08-07
  inInternational logisticsMedium, tray refers to a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, handling, and transporting goods and articles placed as unit loads.

As a container-like equipment similar to containers, pallets are now widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and distribution, and are considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century.

As an important loading, unloading, storage and transportation equipment in the logistics operation process, pallets play a huge role in modern logistics with the use of forklifts.

In the shipment of Hong Mingda Logistics, the commonly used pallets are: plastic pallets, as well as plywood pallets, that is, fumigation-free processed wooden pallets.

There is also a log tray that needs to be fumigation before it can be shipped (this is relatively rare). 

  We often encounter cargo handling situations. Under what circumstances will it be necessary to use pallets?

Fragile products, such as ceramics, glass, etc., in order to avoid damage to the goods in transit, especially bulk cargo, need to be unpacked,

Some of them need to be unpacked and LCL again in the transit port. The goods need to be moved several times.

Tray specifications:
There are currently more trays in circulation. Common specifications [mm] include:
2000×1000; 1500×1100; 1500×1000; 1400×1200; 1300×1000; 1200×1000; 1200×800; 1200×1100; 1100×1000;

Dozens of specifications such as 1100×1100; 1100×900; 1000×1000; 1000×800; 1200×1200; 1300×1600; 1300×1100.

Among them, the specifications of plastic pallets are relatively concentrated, mainly 1100×1100 and 1200×1000. The height of the support will not exceed 2 meters, in general, will be between 1.4-1.8M high.

The following is a photo of the standard of our Sunny Worldwide logistics warehouse. There are also straps and straps under the straps to prevent damage to the goods:
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The following are non-standard images that are set by the factory itself:

This is a very non-standard way of setting, the box is not placed neatly, and a film is wrapped around, very weak. For air transportation, the airport will reject such non-standard pallets. Therefore, we have to re-arrange the wrapping film, which will increase the cost. If the factory arranges its own equipment, it must be operated according to the standard, which saves time and avoids unnecessary expenses.
air freight, sea frieght ,international express ,broker

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