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Guangzhou issued "29 shipping": research and promote the Nansha Port Phase 5 terminal to b

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  • Source:Xinde Maritime
  • Release Date:2019-09-07
Guangzhou has always beenInternational logisticsA very important point, a large amount of goods are sent from Guangzhou to the world every day. Therefore, the state is also formulating corresponding rules and regulations to make Guangzhou's shipping more orderly.

Guangzhou issued "29 shipping": research and promote the Nansha Port Phase 5 terminal to build the South China Container Transfer Center

As a “millennial business capital” and Guangzhou with its “dock gene”, it is currently making further efforts to ship.

On September 3, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Standing Committee reviewed and approved the “Work Plan for Enhancing the Comprehensive Service Function of Guangzhou International Shipping in the Background of Promoting the Construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District” (hereinafter referred to as the “Work Plan”), which was proposed from 10 aspects. Initiatives, detailed deployment of how to enhance the comprehensive functions of international shipping services, and put forward a number of specific goals.

Among them, for infrastructure construction, Guangzhou will study the construction of 200,000-ton waterway, Nansha Port International General Terminal, and Nansha Port Area Phase 5 Container Terminal; in terms of business, it will emphasize making large and strong containers, cars and food. Business, as well as the development of container business through domestic and foreign trade, to create a container transfer center in South China.

In recent years, from the perspective of accelerating economic and social development and enhancing the status of urban functions, Guangzhou attaches great importance to the development of shipping. It has proposed many targets such as the construction of international shipping centers and international shipping hubs, and has twice issued relevant “three-year action plans”.

At present, the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District further indicates the direction of Guangzhou shipping development. The “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Development Plan” proposes to enhance the international competitiveness of the Pearl River Delta port group and further clarify the enhancement of the integrated service functions of Guangzhou and Shenzhen international shipping, further enhance the infrastructure services capabilities of ports and waterways, and form an advantage with Hong Kong. Complementary, mutually beneficial and win-win port, shipping, logistics and ancillary service systems to enhance the overall international competitiveness of the port community.

This time, from the "work plan" point of view, Guangzhou Port is regarded as an important support for Guangzhou to build an international shipping center, and emphasizes the promotion of sustainable development of Guangzhou Port, first of all to promote the transformation of the old port area and the construction of the new port area to ensure that The new port passing capacity will timely undertake the transfer of freight functions in the old port area. Recently, Guangzhou will focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the Inner Harbor Port Area and the Huangpu Port Area Laogang Operation Area. The Huanggang Port Area Xingang Operation Area will maintain its existing functions and gradually promote transformation and development according to port planning.

At the same time, the South Sharon Island is an important support for the construction of the Dawan District and the Nansha Free Trade Port in the middle and long term. It will strengthen the protection of the deepwater coastline resources of the port, and maintain the port emergency functions and ports in the transformation and upgrading process of the Laogang District. Shipping culture elements.

In terms of infrastructure construction, Guangzhou will study and promote the Guangzhou Port Boat Channel, the 200,000-ton waterway, the Nansha Port Area Barge Anchorage Anchorage, the Nansha Port Area International General Terminal, the Nansha Port Area Phase 5 Container Terminal, and the Xiaohu Island LNG Terminal.

In terms of business, the Work Plan emphasizes the need to make the container, automobile and food businesses bigger and stronger. Through the development of container business through domestic and foreign trade, we will build a container transfer center in South China. At the same time, we will carry out automobile transportation, trade services and other businesses to build a comprehensive logistics industry and service base for the Shazi Island. In addition, relying on logistics nodes such as Nansha Grain Terminal, Xinsha Wharf and Xingang Terminal, we will accelerate the construction of grain logistics parks; vigorously develop the ship and cruise ship industry, including the Longxue Shipbuilding Base and Dagang Heavy Equipment Industrial Park as the carriers, focusing on development. High-end shipbuilding, high-value marine equipment and ancillary products and after-sales service industry; support the development of "cruise + cruise", "cruise + yacht" and other water leisure tourism.

The "Work Plan" also revealed that Guangzhou will strengthen the joint development of the Pearl River Tour and onshore tourism resources and water tourism business such as cruise ships and yachts, and adopt various methods such as asset allocation or capital equity cooperation to integrate existing Pearl River resources and municipalities. The main body of state-owned enterprises to improve the quality and level of urban services. At the same time, we will speed up the construction of the passenger terminal at the Meizhou Passenger Port, build a three-dimensional water passenger transport network for cruise lines, high-speed passenger ferry routes in the Bay Area, and cruise lines, and lay the foundation for the development of island tourism, and build cruise ships, cruise ships, yachts and high-speed passenger ships in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Water leisure travel service system such as passenger terminal.
作为“千年商都”、自带“码头基因”的广州,当前正进一步发力航运。  9月3日,广州市政府常务会审议通过《广州市关于提升粤港澳大湾区建设背景下增强广州国际航运综合服务功能的工作方案》(下称《工作方案》),从10方面提出29条举措,对如何增强国际航运综合服务功能进行了详细部署,并提出诸多具体目标。  这其中,针对基础设施建设,广州将研究推进20万吨级航道、南沙港区国际通用码头、南沙港区五期集装箱码头等建设;业务方面,则强调要做大做强集装箱、汽车和粮食业务,以及通过内外贸并举发展集装箱业务,打造华南地区的集装箱调拨中心。  近年,从加速经济社会发展和提升城市功能地位出发,广州极其重视航运发展,先后提出建设国际航运中心、国际航运枢纽等诸多目标,并两度出台相关“三年行动计划”。  当前,粤港澳大湾区的建设,进一步指明了广州航运发展方向。《粤港澳大湾区发展规划纲要》提出,提升珠三角港口群国际竞争力,并进一步明确,增强广州、深圳国际航运综合服务功能,进一步提升港口、航道等基础设施服务能力,与香港形成优势互补、互惠共赢的港口、航运、物流和配套服务体系,增强港口群整体国际竞争力。  此番,从《工作方案》来看,广州港被视为广州打造国际航运中心的重要支撑,并强调推动广州港的可持续发展,首先要促进老港区转型与新港区建设步调一致,确保新增港口通过能力及时承接老港区货运功能转移。近期,广州将重点推进内港港区和黄埔港区老港作业区转型升级,黄埔港区新港作业区维持现有功能,根据港口规划逐步推进转型发展。  同时,南沙龙穴岛是中远期大湾区、南沙自由贸易港建设发展重要依托,将加强港口深水岸线资源保护,且在老港区转型升级过程中要适度保留港口应急等功能和港口航运文化元素。  基础设施建设方面,广州将研究推进广州港小船航道、20万吨级航道、南沙港区驳船候泊锚地、南沙港区国际通用码头、南沙港区五期集装箱码头、小虎岛LNG码头建设。  业务方面,《工作方案》强调,要做大做强集装箱、汽车和粮食业务。通过内外贸并举发展集装箱业务,打造华南地区的集装箱调拨中心。同时,开展汽车运输、贸易服务等业务,打造沙仔岛汽车综合物流产业及服务基地。此外,依托南沙粮食码头、新沙码头、新港码头等物流节点,加快推进粮食物流园区建设;大力发展船舶及邮轮游船产业,包括以龙穴造船基地、大岗重型装备产业园为载体,重点发展高端船舶制造、高价值船用设备和配套产品及售后服务产业;支持发展“邮轮+游船”“邮轮+游艇”等水上休闲旅游等。  《工作方案》还透露,广州将加强珠江游与岸上旅游资源和邮轮、游艇等水上旅游业务的联动发展,并采取资产划拨或者资本股权合作等多种方式,整合现有珠江游资源和市属国企运营主体,提升城市服务品质和水平。同时,加快琶洲客运口岸码头等项目建设,构建游船航线、湾区高速客轮航线、邮轮航线综合立体水上客运网络,奠定海岛游开发基础,打造粤港澳大湾区游船、邮轮、游艇、高速客船、客运码头等水上休闲旅游服务体系。