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Good news, we have cooperated with Yuxinou Railway

  • Author:Anma
  • Release Date:2019-11-28
Good news, good news, there is a very good news that I want to share with you. We Hongmingda Logistics has added a new transportation service method to the international freight service channel. After the friendly communication between our colleagues from the Ministry of Commerce and the Chongqing-Xin'ou Railway, our two parties will start joint cooperation in the future. I hope that our newly opened international logistics channel can better help small and medium-sized enterprises in the foreign trade industry to develop their business abroad, and we also hope that our logistics services can promote the development of China's foreign trade export business. Make some small contributions.

The following briefly introduces the advantages of this transport channel for the Yuxinou Railway. The cargo origin of Chongqing-Xin'ou Railway is in Chongqing, the exit port is in Xinjiang, and the target market is Europe. By collecting the goods to the nodes along the Yuxinou channel and then transporting them. I believe everyone may wonder why Chongqing was chosen as the starting place. The reasons are as follows: First, the industrial base of Chongqing and the current global laptop base can provide continuous support for the development of the large channel. Now Yuxinou has the most stable operating frequency and highest operating density. Sources of printers, sources of auto parts shipped from Chongqing to Russia, and Europe can all be used as potential sources of supply, relying on basic sources to absorb more bulk resources. Second, Chongqing is China's closest water port to Europe. The combination of "railway" and the water-rail transportation of the Yangtze River will make the development of the Asia-Europe railway's competitiveness to the best, and Chongqing is the only node in the west with a land, water, and air multimodal transportation pattern, which can provide more customers with a variety of logistics model choices; third This is the fast customs clearance mechanism established by Chongqing Customs and the Customs along the route, and the “safe and intelligent trade” mechanism, so that the train departing from Chongqing enjoys the highest treatment of customs declaration, inspection, and release; fourth, Chongqing has docking with Eurasia The window of the railways of various countries along the bridge-Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd .; Fifth, it is the "Yuxinou Railway" First-mover advantage. After years of running-in, Chongqing people have a deep understanding of the operation of the Asia-Europe Continental Bridge. In the transport of the Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, it has created many precedents, accumulated a lot of experience, and sounded China's opening to the west. Rally number.

In short, if your foreign trade market is in Europe, then the Chongqing-Xinzhou-Europe Railway Line will be your best choice, and the most important thing is that the price is very affordable. Everyone must keep in mind that if you have goods to be transported abroad, you must find Hongmingda Logistics to cooperate, then you must be right.

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