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German airport strikes, more than 800 Lufthansa flights cancelled!

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-04-10
   After a series of airport strikes in France in late March and early April,GermanyThe main airports have also followed suit.
Logistics Baba According to German "Focus" weekly reported on April 9, we learned that German civil servants will hold a large-scale strike on the 10th, and airport employees will also participate. Lufthansa also announced that it will cancel more than 800 flights on the same day.
It is reported that the main reason for this strike in Germany was the problem of low salary and unequal pay for public services. The German service trade union (Verdi) held strikes at airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Munich on the 10th.
Lufthansa Airlines issued a statement on April 9 stating that “Lufthansa will cancel more than 800 flights, including 58 long-distance flights, on the 10th because of the strike.”
The head of the company also revealed that all flights will return to normal on the 11th.
The German service trade unions stated to the media that the ground staff and some firefighters from the Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Bremen airports will participate in the strike, aiming to obtain a 6% increase in wages for 2.3 million civil servants in various fields in Germany. The union is expected to claim that there will be mass strikes across the country in the next few days.