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Galloped up to 200%!Another country will impose tariffs on imported goods?

  • Release Date:2024-07-02
According to foreign media news, on June 29, the Minister of Trade in Indonesia said that Indonesia will levy 100%to 200%of imported goods from shoe to ceramics, and restore plans to protect domestic industries.

He told reporters on Friday that the average import tariffs in the plan exceeded 100%."If we are flooded (imported goods), our micro, small, and medium -sized enterprises may go down."


He said that tariffs will be levied soon and may affect the imports of shoes, clothing, textiles, cosmetics and ceramics.Senior officials of the Ministry of Trade said on Saturday that the Indonesian Trade Protection Commission is investigating to determine the tax rate.According to data from the Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia is mainly imported from China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

According to data from the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics, Indonesia's exports to China in 2023 reached US $ 64.94 billion, accounting for 25.09%of the total exports; imports were US $ 62.18 billion, accounting for 28.02%of the total imports.

From the perspective of export categories, China ’s categories of Indonesia exports are relatively scattered, and the proportion of electronic products is relatively high, accounting for 38.5%of the total exports.In addition, cheap metals and products, chemical industry and its related industries, textile raw materials and textile products are also popular products.


The largest economy in Southeast Asia released a regulation at the end of last year to strengthen the monitoring of more than 3,000 imported goods, from food ingredients to electronic products to chemicals.However, in the domestic industry, it stated that it hindered the flow of imported materials required by domestic industries, and the regulations were revoked.The results of the tariffs will remain to be observed in follow -up.

I would like to remind friends on behalf of the main goods involved in Indonesia -related products. Please pay close attention to the latest situation and policy changes, and do a good job of controlling risks.Forwarding to know ~