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From November onwards, import and export will pay an additional fee! Almost all shipping companies a

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GRUP
  • Release Date:2018-11-01
From November onwards, import and export will pay an additional fee! Almost all shipping companies are levied!

Recently, major shipping companies have issued a notice, starting from November, will be levied a low sulfur fuel surcharge (LSS), almost all shipping companies have issued a notice of collection.

This fee will be paid whether it is imported or exported.

In the end, these expenses will definitely be passed on to the freight forwarder, and it will be a lot more money! Please tell each other and know in advance! !

The following are the specific notices for the collection of low-sulfur fuel surcharges and some other fees from major shipping companies since November:

Evergreen Shipping

For the export of Shanghai (including the Yangtze River), the shipment of Southeast Asian goods (excluding the Taiwan line) is subject to a low-sulfur fuel surcharge at the rate of USD20/40/40 per 20'GP/40'GP/40'HQ. Hong Kong prepaid, effective date: November 8, 2018.

Wan Hai

Export: 20 US dollars / TEU, effective date November 9 (starting port), default prepaid; import: 20 US dollars / TEU, effective date November 1 (starting port), default to pay. All import and export routes are levied except North America and Taiwan.

Expropriation area: Shanghai, Ningbo, Yangtze River Delta and branch lines.

Senro Merchant Marine

Since November 9th, the goods covering the Shanghai, Ningbo and Yangtze River branch exports cost between US$20 and US$45.

Modern merchant ship

Since November 10, low Sulphur Surcharge ($25/$50) has been charged for all Southeast Asian exports.

Sinotrans Container Line

Except for the Taiwan route, all other goods imported and exported through Shanghai are subject to a low sulfur oil surcharge. Export: $15/TEU, levied from November 21; Import: 100 yuan/TEU, levied from December 1.

Dexiang Shipping

The first stage:

Export: US$15/TEU, implemented from November 1st, except Taiwan, Japan, Australia;

Import: 100 yuan / TEU, implemented since November 1, except Taiwan and Japan.

second stage:

Since November 22, Shanghai-Japan has imposed $15/TEU;

Since December 1, Japan-Shanghai has levied 100 yuan/TEU.

COSCO Shipping

CLS Low Sulfur Surcharge:

1. Southeast Asia + India + Pakistan + Yangtze River Port: 100/200 RMB / BOX, starting from November 16;

2. Middle East Red Sea + Yangtze River Port: 100/200 RMB/BOX, special box 150/300 RMB/BOX, starting from November 6;

3. Mediterranean North Africa + Yangtze River Port: 80/160 yuan / BOX, starting from November 9;

4. Japan + Yangtze River Port: 15/