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Freighter berthed and stranded in the Tsushima Strait, Japan

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-04-03
On March 30th, about Tokyo time, general cargo ship SEIRYU ​​MARU wasJapanOn the island north of Kyushu in Karatsu, the island was stranded when it arrived at the Tsushima Strait.

It is understood that the ship was filled with “steel” cargo and the cargo ship was on its way from Nagasaki to Osaka. As a result, the bow was damaged and some of the cars were flooded. SEIRYU ​​MARU had been renovated and was brought to Fukuoka Port later in the day. .

The cargo ship was SEIRYU ​​MARU, IMO 9667667, dwt 820, built in 2013 and marked Japan.
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