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Foreign trade people please pay attention! US Amazon shipments are returned

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-06-28
 Shippers sent to FBA recently, please note that there are many sent toUnited StatesAmazon's cargo has been returned. The following is a DHL notification.

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What will cause the return of goods to Amazon?

1. The same sender sent n(n>1) tickets to the same Amazon US warehouse within 1 day.

2. This n-ticket goods will be regarded as "split shipments" by the U.S. government, and thus all of them will be converted into official formalities required for formal clearance, regardless of whether the value of the single ticket is less than 800 USD.

3. According to the United States Customs Clearance Regulations, the official clearance cargo needs to provide the recipient Employer Identity Number (EIN), but for FBA cargo, US Amazon does not provide any customs clearance support.

All shipments to the US Amazon warehouse via UPS and DHL channels must be DDP (customs advance payment) regardless of the declared value. Please confirm the specific amount with the cooperating freight forwarding company before shipment.


   The general procedure for the seller to send FBA is: Amazon establishes the warehouse receipt, obtains the FBA ID, Reference No and FBA tags, and labels the goods in accordance with the results of the sub-warehouse.

After selecting the logistics company, choose different logistics methods according to the product type and its own needs. At present, there are mainly three ways to deliver goods to Amazon: free delivery, express delivery and shipping.

Sellers returning goods have not enjoyed the joy of prime day, and they need to bear high return shipping costs. In order to avoid the same "trouble", it is recommended that the seller temporarily go ahead with the airline or the Shanghai school during this period.

Or send it to a private warehouse address and send it to the FBA warehouse.
  Prime day is coming soon. Everyone must pay attention to logistics security issues and reasonably arrange product delivery time points to avoid formal clearance.

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