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Foreign trade people pay attention! The Indonesian President signs the "National Single Import

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GRUP
  • Release Date:2018-06-21
Foreign trade people pay attention! The Indonesian President signs the "National Single Import and Export Window" order!

Indonesia’s President Zoko signed a presidential decree to launch a “National Single Import and Export Window” to further integrate and enhance import and export services through the platform.

The presidential decree stipulates that in order to improve the international competitiveness of the Indonesian economy, especially the import and export industry, the “National Single Import and Export Window” will centrally manage and handle data and information submitted by importers and exporters to various ministries and commissions, including the quantity of goods, customs duties and permits. Certificates, clearance documents, etc. Importers and exporters can log on to the “National Import and Export Single Window” portal to register special accounts authorized by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and submit relevant data and information in Indonesian or English.

It was also learned that the "National Single Import and Export Window" also set up a steering committee led by the Minister of Economic Co-ordination Darmin, who was responsible for coordinating relevant policies of various ministries and departments and improving system efficiency.

In addition, Indonesian customs regulations:

1. According to Indonesian Customs requirements, all goods to MERAK (Port of Merak) must provide 6 HS CODE and display in the bill of lading. If there are multiple shipments of goods that involve different HS CODEs, please send Cargo messages separately according to HS DODE to avoid incomplete declarations and cause customs fines.

2. Indonesia promulgates new customs regulations locally. According to the provisions of the new customs regulations, iron products, steel products and related products sent to the country require the local international trade bureau to provide the import approval letter.

3. For arriving at the Indonesian Customs, it is necessary for the customer to focus on import declarations. At the same time, the Indonesian customs will also strictly inspect all FDA product and cargo invoices.

(Source: Ningbo Shipping)