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Foreign trade export requirements for wooden box packaging

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GRUP
  • Release Date:2018-08-31
Foreign trade export requirements for wooden box packaging

In order to facilitate the smooth conduct of foreign trade, the export packaging for foreign trade is now required to uniformly meet the requirements for the inspection of wooden boxes for the export of goods and packaging. Please see the analysis below for details.

The main force-receiving members of the wooden box packaging should be larch, masson pine, purple pine, white pine, eucalyptus wood and other tree species with similar mechanical properties. The moisture content of the main force-bearing members is not more than 25%, and the box and box The wood moisture content of the gears and other parts is not more than 20%.

First, the material requirements

The main force-bearing members and the box plate shall not exceed 5 dead knots and joints in 1000mm, and no defects such as decay, through cracks, skin, insect eyes, mildew, and blunt edges are allowed.

Second, the process aspect

The joints of the box and board should be tight, the combination of the box and board should be flat and without dislocation, and the nails should be reasonable. The reinforcement belt shall be no less than 2 lanes, the printing shall be clear, the writing shall be clear, and the inspection code shall be printed correctly.

There is also a reminder from the manufacturer that the height of the general forklift is 200px. For the convenience of transportation, the height of the wooden package base is greater than 225px. The selection of the plates must be based on the weight of the goods. The plates used for heavy items must be thickened. For the wooden box packaging method of machinery and equipment, be sure to put the machine inside the wooden box and fix it with wooden strips.

The smooth progress of foreign trade, whether it is the exporter or the exporter, is beneficial and unprofitable. Therefore, in terms of wooden box packaging, it is necessary to meet its specific requirements.