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FBA or self-delivery, which model is more suitable for you?

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-05-15
With FBAAmazonWith the rise of websites in China, more and more businesses have joined Amazon's army. Share the little knowledge of Amazon shipping to you below.

FBA vs Self Delivery: What is the difference? 

Sellers using FBA need to pay a fee to store their products in Amazon's logistics center, FBA sellers can also enjoy Amazon's world-class logistics and distribution services. When a customer purchases a seller’s FBA product, Amazon receives this information, picks the goods from the shelf, packages it, and ships it. The FBA will be responsible for delivering the goods to the site and also providing warehousing services.

From the point of view of shipment, simply refers to a seller who ships directly from his home, business, or warehouse after receiving an order through the Amazon platform. This means that managing inventory, packaging, arranging distribution, and customer service are the direct responsibility of the seller.

Advantages of shipping: Enjoy a range of Amazon services and enjoy Amazon shipping discounts. The sellers themselves control the process of packing, shipping, and transportation, and can better avoid cargo damage and control the delivery time of the Amazon warehouse. Shipping costs are cheaper than FBA transportation.

Disadvantages of self-delivery: Self-delivery sellers must handle customer service and returns issues. These tasks are usually time-consuming and sometimes difficult. Another major drawback is that the buyer is not always happy to use it, and Amazon will match the merchant shipped by FBA to the seller.

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