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Express courier is not easy

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  • Release Date:2019-10-28
  Mid-Autumn Festival nights send lovesickness, it is difficult to spend a good month. Bringing greetings and feelings, I want to make things happen. At this time of the year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and Mrs. Xu will prepare the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake for the parents of the employees, and the courier with the Mid-Autumn Festival wishes will be delivered to the parents. Everyone rushes to work outside. Sometimes there is no time to go back on holidays. A small blessing is sent to the parents of the employees by the courier. Thanks to the excellent children raised by the parents, the blessings are also sent to the employees who have not been able to go home. It is to tell employees to learn to be grateful. Whether it is work or life, the warmth of the people around you, your world will become more brilliant.

    The Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake delivery that is mailed out every year is done by the young lady of the administrative department. When I personally went through the experience, I found the hard work of others. The same is a logistics company, our international logistics will also deal with the courier company in the domestic cargo transportation, knowing how difficult each courier is. Each of the mooncake expresses we sent has a greeting card and photos full of blessings. In order to ensure that we don't make mistakes, we need to check each one carefully. Express courier brothers help to prepare enough cartons, each time is charged on time and on time according to our needs, encountering the address is wrong or need to coordinate the courier parts are proactive to deal with.
  This reminds me of us Sunny worldwide logistics The small partner, every time there is a problem with the transportation of goods, they are constantly calling and sending emails to coordinate the treatment. After the problem is solved, they will take a long breath and be happy like a fat man of two hundred pounds. As a service industry, our work attitude directly affects the customer's experience and mutual understanding and support, so that our cooperation will last longer.
  Every time in the hot summer, I watched the expressive little brother sweating back and forth. When it rained, I carefully put a waterproof bag on our documents. I suggested that we choose a reasonable transportation method. This is why we have chosen them with them for so many years. The reason for cooperation. Their service and work attitude make us feel at ease. Similarly, if our service gives our customers peace of mind, the first thing customers think of next shipment will be us.

  In the era of the big information explosion, I often see the story about the courier brother. The common courier of the courier damage problem is blamed by the cargo owner. Some even have irrational behaviors. Who is wrong with the problem? We should find a way to solve it, and blame can not solve the problem.
  Every profession deserves to be respected, learn to respect others, others will respect you, say more to others, thank you, and the hard work around you, the simple words from the heart may be the most powerful support for the other party. . Everyone does not succeed casually, thinking what the customer thinks,Sunny worldwide logistics We have been adhering to this service concept and have a good reputation in the international logistics industry. It is the greatest happiness to successfully transport the goods to the owner.