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Enterprise export declaration and save money details - brand declaration articles

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-13
  There are many ways in which companies can choose to export. The common ones areSea,air transport, but the company chooses which way to export,

All are just the difference in price, timeliness and service. Today, Hongmingda Xiaobian talks about the link that must be passed through the export of enterprise goods---export declaration

  In simple terms, it is the four steps of customs declaration - customs inspection - taxation according to law - customs clearance. The premise of enterprise export declaration is that the enterprise has the qualification to send and receive goods.

That is, the local customs, inspection and quarantine bureau registration and filing, the import and export management rights and the qualifications for inspection. The customs declaration documents that enterprises need to provide will increase or decrease due to different requirements of the customs.

The basic documents for export declaration are: customs declaration, packing list, export invoice, purchase and sale contract. There are so many details involved, and there is no way to elaborate on an article.

This article mainly talks about the issue of goods brand declaration in the export declaration information.

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  Regarding the brand declaration of export goods, this item is required information on the customs declaration form. Even if the goods are unlicensed, it is necessary to write clearly. This is a very clear and simple request.

However, at the time of customs inspection, there are still common problems such as incomplete brand declaration, brand infringement, and unlicensed cards. This is a common mistake caused by unsatisfactory work or personal subjective reasons.

When the customs issues a checklist for the checklist, the reporting company will explain:

1, just a small brand, will not cause any impact

2. There are several brands in this shipment. We have already declared the main brands.

3, just our factory's own name, no registered brand trademark is not counted

4, just a little auxiliary accessory inside the export instrument, no declaration

There are still some cases where we can only sigh that there is money and willfulness, hahaha. . .

Sounds reasonable, almost convinced me, just... explain what is useful to the customs! ! !

Please remember that infringement is infringement and has nothing to do with the size of the brand. As long as the brand and the customs apply for intellectual property protection, it is necessary to submit a brand authorization letter when filing.

If you don't know whether the brand is on file, you can go to the Customs IP website to check the detailed information. If the brand has no record of intellectual property protection in the customs, you can directly declare the export.

No need to submit a brand authorization: Customs IP Filing Enquiry

In addition, no matter how many brands of export goods must be declared, the customs will not let you go because of the small number or other reasons, regardless of whether the brand has a registered trademark,

As long as the product or the outer packaging is printed with the brand LOGO, it is always wrong to declare it. Because of the momentary intention, it was considered that the detainment was fined by the customs, and the re-reporting of the deletion was considered light.

Seriously, it will also lead to infringement lawsuits for the company, misunderstanding the delivery time of foreign guests, and damaging the goodwill of the company. How do you feel that it saves a lot of money!

There should be applause here, no, you can, there is no sound at this time, silently give me a compliment!

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