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Early warning! All departments of the country will go on strike, the port will be blocked, the chann

  • Author:Chelsea
  • Source:Sailing
  • Release Date:2021-01-30
Recently there have been major riots in many countries around the world, including protests in the Netherlands, India, Australia, and Russia!

Recently, a large-scale strike in France has been fully launched. At least 800,000 people have participated in the demonstration to oppose the government's system reform. Affected by this, the operation of many industries has been blocked. Due to the ongoing confrontation between the French government and trade unions, the chaos in the English-French Strait ports will worsen next week.

According to a tweet by the Department of Logistics UK (Logistics UK), it has been informed that the French national strike will affect waterways and ports, and the French Federation of Trade Unions CGT has confirmed that it will take action on Thursday.

Freight transportation is blocked
CGT stated that this was part of a general strike coordinated with several other unions.

A spokesperson said: “The trade unions CGT, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, MNL and FIDL have proposed actions to be taken at workplaces in various regions on February 4, and all departments will conduct a nationwide strike.”

This move is a response to the "disastrous government decision" during the epidemic. The union claimed that the stimulus package was only "tax cuts for the rich." French officials have not yet responded to a request for comment, but a spokesperson for the British Department of Logistics said they expect the situation to become “clearer over time” and noted that President Macron will speak to the country on Monday.

According to sources, the general strike may include a port blockade, making the supply chain that is already struggling with Brexit and the new crown pneumonia to worsen the situation.

France and Britain separated by a strait
A freight forwarder and the media said: "The strike may take several days to end, depending on the length and affordability of the strike, because the weekend has to impose restrictions on vehicles exceeding 7.5 tons."

"Once the details are announced, we will review the route into Europe to see if French ports can be avoided. Traditionally, strikes in France have targeted ports and road infrastructure to maximize damage and emphasize their'strike reasons'."

"Just when we thought the situation could not get worse, the situation of the border and land transport in Europe could cause another blow to traders in the UK and the EU."
Sources said that France has already experienced strikes in the education, energy and health sectors. The situation in France looks bad and calls for some kind of intervention to ensure that trade flows are not affected.

The source added: “France seems to have a monopoly on the market in industrial action, which will inevitably have a huge ripple effect on roads and freight.”

Recently, foreign trade freight forwarders who have arrived in the UK, France and Europe have mainly paid attention to the fact that the strike may interrupt the transportation of the goods.