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EU sets new rules aimed at promoting the development of European e-commerce

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-03-20
March 13,EuropeParliament members passed a proposal to make the cross-border e-commerce parcel delivery market more transparent and competitive, and to reduce the obstacles consumers and e-retailers face when buying products online in the EU.

A statement from the European Parliament stated that the cost of parcels sent from one EU country to another could be five times higher than domestic prices. There are also differences in the cost of shipping parcels from two different EU countries to the same destination.

The European Parliament stated: "The lack of transparency in the industry may encourage postal operators to charge unreasonably high prices, which may also prevent small companies from trading in other EU countries. It may also prevent consumers from making informed choices and gain access to consumers. More products have an impact, especially for some consumers who live in remote areas, and this is not just about online shopping, it also affects everyone who sends parcels to another EU country. Relatives or friends."

According to the new regulatory requirements, consumers and e-tailers can compare delivery prices on dedicated websites. In fact, this is a service provided by ParcelCompare.

David Jinks, head of consumer research at the company, stated that ParcelCompare launched a revolutionary new service last year: Bringing all available prices and services to any destination in the UK and EU (and other regions), all leading courier and parcel services Compare.

According to the European Parliament, EU regulations also require express delivery services to provide customers with clear information on delivery prices and conditions, while national postal services will collect data from shipping companies to monitor the market and evaluate unreasonable high tariffs.