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Dragon Boat Festival - Liu Duo on the 3rd Dragon Boat Festival, banana leaf thousand spring annivers

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-06-15
As we all know, the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the important traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. Since ancient times, there have been folk customs such as dragon boats, food dumplings and hanging wormwood.

As a result, Hong Mingda Logistics deliberately prepared a rich-tasting camphor in advance, a box of exquisite dumplings, highlighting the company's emphasis on excellent traditional culture.

Carrying the platform's meticulous attention to employees, reflects the warm and harmonious corporate culture of Hong Mingda Logistics.
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The Dragon Boat Festival literally has names such as "end five", "repeated five" and "junior lunch". The "end" of ancient Chinese has a beginning and initial meaning. "End 5" is also called "the 5th year."

In the "Aeolus", he said, "Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival. End, early." Three days a month, the first five days is "End Five."

The ancients used to refer to the first few days of May by the end of the month. The Yuan Dynasty's "Yuan Shi Guang Ji" cloud of the Yuan Dynasty: "The capital of the capital of Jingshi City is one for the beginning of May and the second for the second. The end of the five."

The Dragon Boat Festival has the custom of racing dragon boats and eating dumplings, and customs vary across the country.

At Conghua County in Conghua County in Guangdong Province, we wash our eyes with water after burning at noon, and we spill it on the road and call it "disaster."

In the Dragon Boat Festival in Xinxing County, people admired the statues from neighboring temples. The shamans also expelled the evil spirits with water and their symbols. In Dragon Boat Festival in Shicheng County, children fly kites.

In Chaoshan, we worship the ancestors and wash the Han River.

After reading the customs and culture of the Dragon Boat Festival, would you like to join us in this ambitious family, Hong Ming Da Logistics, and we can consult us about more logistics issues.