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Dry goods | What are the shipping costs of shipping?What should I do if I am missing?

  • Author:Lian
  • Release Date:2023-05-22
There are many types of shipping costs in shipping.Many cross -border e -commerce sellers or freight forwarding Xiaobai don't know much about the surcharge of sea transportation.

Today, Sou Xiaowang answered what is the sea transport surcharge, and what should I do if the sea transport surcharge is missed?

Pier operation fee THC

The full name of THC is Terminal Handling Charge.It can be further divided into OTHC — Origin Terminal Handling CHARGE.

Origin for delivery fees ORC

ORC's full name is Original Receiving Charge.Local receivables/Original delivery fees/pick -up fees.This cost is relatively complicated, which is different from the terminal operation fee THC.ORC is only available in Guangdong's ports in South China, and THC is available at all ports (including Guangdong ports).

ORC and THC only collect only one of them -if ORC is collected, THC will not be collected.If you accept THC, you will not accept ORC.The ORC is dedicated to its port from various ports in South China. The destination port is North America, Central South America, Europe, and North Africa.

Various ports in South China go to other destination ports, such as Southeast Asia, just like ports in other regions.ORC and THC charging standards are different: ORC is generally $ 141 of a 20 -foot cabinet, and a 40 -foot large cabinet of $ 269; THC is generally about 750 yuan for 20 feet cabinets, and 40 feet of large cabinets of about 1200 yuan. Different ship companies charge standards for standards.There are differences.

Comprehensive fee rate rising surcharge GRI

GRI's full name is General Rate Increase.It is usually used in South American routes and US routes.Because of the ports, ships, fuel, goods, or other reasons, the transportation cost of shipping companies has increased significantly. In order to compensate these increased expenses, shipowners increased their comprehensive rates increased surcharges.

Container imbalanced surcharge CIC

The full name of CIC is Container Imborance Charge, which is sometimes called Container Imborance Surcharge.This cost is a surcharge that is charged by the unbalanced amount of trade or seasonal changes in the amount of trading volume or seasonal changes. The shipping company increases the cost of adding the cost of transporting the container.

Emergency fuel surcharge EBS

The full name of EBS is Emerger Bunker Surcharge, which means emergency fuel surcharge.EBS is a surcharge for shipping, and is generally settled in US dollars like sea freight.If it is the FOB clause, this cost should be borne by the receiver, not the shipper, because EBS does not belong to FOB local costs.

This cost can be paid or paid prepaid.EBS is generally rising rapidly at international crude oil prices, and the ship company feels more than its own bearing capacity. Because the market is not strong and it is not convenient to increase the sea freight in a timely manner, in order to make up for the cost of rapid risingEssence

Fuel surcharge FAF

FAF's full name is Fuel Adjustment Factor, which is generally used in Japanese routes.This surcharge is a bit similar to the temporary fuel surcharge above -essentially the same, different names.

Currency depreciation surcharge CAF

The full name of CAF is Currency Adjustment Factor.Also called CAS -Currency Adjustment Surcharge.

When the currency of the freight is obviously depreciated, the shipping company will suffer great losses due to the depreciation of the currency.In order to make up for the losses, the shipowner will pass the loss to the consignor/owner through the addition of monetary depreciation costs.

File fee doc

DOC = DOCUMENT, DOC has 2 fees in the freight forwarding industry, one is the DOC collected by the shipping company, fixed charges, and charged by RMB.The other is the DOC charged by the destination port, which is also one of the basic expenses of the destination port. The destination port agent is charged by US dollars, and each agent is charged differently.

Destination fee DDC

The full name of the DDC is the Destination Delivery Charge. In DDU, DDP and other terms, this fee is borne by the seller/shipper Shipper, otherwise the buyer/receiver Consignee is paid.For example, the CIF clause — buyers/receiving parties bear all the costs and risks of the cargo after the shipping port crossing the ship's side. Therefore, all the costs of the destination port include DDCs and the receiver.

The peak season surcharge PSS

The full name of the PSS is Peak Season Surcharge.This cost is generally collected by many ship companies when the cargo is busy during the peak season, which is a bit similar to my country's "Spring Festival" price increase.From April to November each year, it is generally a peak season for freight.

Suez Canal surcharge SCS

The full name of SCS is Suez Canal Surcharge.Routes from Asia, Oceania, East Africa and other regions to Europe have basically passed the Suez Canal. The ships need to pay a certain navigation fee to the Canal authorities through the Suez Canal.

Panama Canal surcharge PTF

The full name of PTF is Panama Canal Transit Fee.In the same way as the surcharge of Suez Canal, the Far East and West (referred to as West) from the Far East and the United States (referred to as West) to the east of the United States generally pass through the Panama Canal.Expense, this cost ship Empress charged customers through the Panama Canal surcharges.

Temporary risk surcharge tAR

The full name of TAR is Tempory Additional Risks.This cost is a bit inexplicable. In fact, it can be simply understood as a war surcharge, or it is another saying that it is another statement of war surcharges.

Overweight surcharge HLA

The full name of HLA is Heavy-Lift Additiona, also known as Surcharge for Over Weight.

Refers to the weight of single -piece goods exceeding certain standards (the standards stipulated in different freight forwarding or shipowners may be different), and special equipment (such as heavy cranes) or special operations (such as pads, reinforcement materials and artificial binding binding are required for binding.Or reinforcement), it is difficult to load and unload operations, or special treatment is required in the vessel load of the ship to make up for the increase in operating costs.

Generally, it is overweight by more than 2 tons, 3 tons or 5 tons.The overweight surcharge is calculated according to the weight. The larger the weight, the higher the surcharge.

Ultra -long surcharge LLA

The full name of LLA is Long LengTitional, also known as Over Length AdDitional or Surcharge for Over Lendth.

Refers to the length of a single piece of goods exceeding certain standards (the standards prescribed by different freight forwarding or shipowners may be different), and special equipment or special operations require difficulty in loading and unloading operations, or special treatment on the accumulation of ships.A surcharge charged by increasing operating costs.

Generally, it is more than 9 meters, even if it is ultra -long. If the container cargo generally stipulates that it is greater than 6 meters, even if it is super long, the rate is increased according to the length.

Emergency cost surcharge ECRS

The full name of ECRS is the Emergency Cost Recovery Surcharge, which can also be called "harsh weather operation surcharges" -. For example, if there is a significant increase in shipping and operating costs such as bad weather, this is to increase this fee.

Container service fee CSC

The full name of CSC is the Container Service Charge, a container or container service fee.

Automatic compartment single system entry fee AMS

The full name of AMS is Automatic Manifest System.For the United States and Canada, unique to the United States -all goods to the United States or goods transferred to other countries or regions must be applied for AMS declarations (24 hours before loading).AMS is also called the 24 -hour unit system/US counter -terrorism cock single system.

Auto -cabin single system entry fee ACI

ACI's full name is Advance Commercial Information.The Canadian Customs regulations must be declared to Canadian customs 24 hours before the ship loading, which must be declared to the Canadian customs, which is very similar to the US AMS.

Entry Abstract Declaration Single ENS

The full name of ENS is Entry Summary Declaration.This is the rules of early -compulsory compartment of customs in the EU countries.Since January 1, 2011, the EU has gone (all imported goods imported to the EU) or passing (all transit goods, all transit goods, all the unloaded goods on the ship, etc.).The rules of reporting in advance, this rule is suitable for all 28 EU members, as well as Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, etc.


The full name of CC is Cleaning CHARGE, also known as the laundering labor costs and the carriers.This cost is generally more common in loose grocery transportation.

Port crowded surcharge PCS

The full name of the PCS is Port CongeSty Surcharge.When the port is crowded or particularly busy, the waiting time and shipping period of the ship will be extended and the expenses of the Hong Kong expenses may increase, which will cause the transportation cost to increase significantly. In order to make up for this cost loss, the ship company will collect from the consignor to the shipperHarbor crowded surcharges.

What should I do if the surcharge of shipping cargo transportation is missed?

When signing a contract with the freight forwarding in practice, most enterprises often make conventional conventions for maritime prices.When the financial personnel receives the sea freight invoice and details, they will find out various miscellaneous fees.If the company finds that the surcharge of shipping goods transportation is not declared, remedial measures should be taken in a timely manner:

(1) At the stage of imported goods, the surcharges of the missed shipping goods were found to be discovered. The relevant certification materials should be taken to explain to the customs, applying for changes to the relevant price declaration content in a timely manner, and paying the corresponding taxes.

(2) If the imported goods have been found to have leaked the surcharges of shipping goods from the "Customs Inspection Regulations of the People's Republic of China" and "Announcement on the Customs Administration on the Treatment of Active Disclosure of Taxation Violations",Apply to the customs customs or registered customs to actively disclose and correct the declaration of tax payment.