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Dry goods | What are the categories of origin certification and how to achieve tariff reduction and

  • Release Date:2023-05-25

What is a origin certificate?

"Certificate of Origin is a proof document issued by a specific institution of exporting countries as a proof of its exported goods as a native country (or region).

The origin of the origin is an effective voucher for trades to transfer goods, settlement of payment, claim claims, imported Guotong Customs Acceptance, and levying tariffs. It is also a voucher for exporters to enjoy quota treatment and import countries implement different trade policies for different export countries.

The original origin certificate issued by China for export goods is mainly divided into three categories:

① Non -preferential origin certificate ② Preferential origin certificate ③ Special origin certificate

The China Trade Council and its local branches can issue non -preferential origin certificates and preferential origin certificates in accordance with the "Regulations on the Origin of the People's Republic of China".If the certificate of origin is clearly required to be issued by the Chamber of Commerce, the enterprise shall apply to the China Trade Promotion Association and its local branches.

The preferential place of origin includes the inclusive treatment (Form A certificate) given by most developed countries to my country, and China has signed bilateral or multilateral preferential trade agreements with some countries or regions.

How do you know how much it can save guests?

The reduction of tariffs is different for different products in different countries. The inquiry method for the specific agreement tax rate is: log in to the China Free Trade Zone Service Network (

Find this query box at the bottom of the homepage and enter specific information query.


According to the rules of the origin of the Inclusive system, and the original origin certificate issued by the relevant requirements is the Form A certificate, the FORM A certificate is the export of goods from the beneficiary country (mainly developing countries) to the Huiguo (mainly developed countries)Enjoy the origin of preferential treatment for inclusive tariffs.The goods listed on the FORM A certificate are eligible to enjoy tariff reduction and exemption treatment only when they are in accordance with the rules of the original origin of the benefit to the benefit of the benefit.

There are 39 countries that give China inclusive treatment: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovak,Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Turkey.


Countries: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Laos and South Korea (Member State of the Asia -Pacific Trade Agreement)

"Asia -Pacific Trade Agreement" Certificate of Origin.The tax reduction range ranges from 5%to 100%.


Countries: China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (member of ASEAN)

The country to say here is Indonesia.With the continuous advancement of the construction process of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone, my country ’s exports to Indonesia have increased significantly. Out of the consideration of protecting their domestic products, Indonesia adopts the means of“ refund inquiry ”and deliberately set up non-tariff barriers. In particular Products with greater industry impact.In 2016, Indonesia's refund accounted for 92.1%of the total refund.

Indonesia Customs takes measures to be suspended on tariffs, deducting goods, receiving margin or tax levying measures to refund tariffs, and then refund or treat them according to the results of the survey.About half of the certificates that were queried by the Indonesian Customs Certificate could be returned to the security deposit and enjoyed tariffs. The rest were levied as usual as usual, and the deposit could not be refunded. Some were even fined several times.In order to avoid losses, some companies have to choose to give up tariffs on the free trade zone.

Therefore, when doing the Indonesian Form E, you must pay attention to the following to ensure that the Indonesian customs "inorganic":

Cargo description

The product name must be detailed, and the general is vague.When applying, the loading form and the items on the invoice are strictly listed in accordance with the customs clearance of customs customers, and at the same time, it is entered into the manufacturer's name in the cargo description bar.

"Machine", "Garment", "GOODS", "Clothing" are all general expressions.

Transportation route

According to the relevant provisions of Article 8 of the Rules of China-ASEAN origin, if the cargo is suspended from China and ASEAN member states, the "Unprovable Certificate" shall be provided to prove that the goods are not processed or sold during the transfer.For reasons such as routes and shipbuilding companies, some goods have been suspended in Hong Kong. Many export companies have not handled the "Unprovable Certificate" in a timely manner, which leads to the backlog of Indonesia's port of goods, which has encountered the Indonesian refund inquiry.When the company is ordering, the shipping company directly explained to the shipping company that only reaches Indonesia and does not pass through the ship. According to the shipping company, the cost of booking is about 10%higher than the transfer, but this can ensure the implementation of tariffs in the land.

Original standard

The origin of the goods should be reported truthfully, and all the products in a batch of goods must meet the standards of origin.If a batch of similar products or spare parts with different specifications, each product meets the standard of origin.

Invoice Information

The invoice information should be accurate, and the invoice number and date should be checked.You cannot blindly follow the customer's request in columns such as the amount of invoice, and do not blindly follow the guest to lower the amount of the invoice.The intermediate business trade involved in the third country must be filled in truthfully, and the third -party invoice is cleared. The first is to fill in the third -party invoice number and date as required.You need to check the "Third Party Invoicing" option.

唛 唛 唛 唛

The information of the head should be exactly the same as that of the actual packaging of the actual cargo. The words made by areas or countries outside China must not appear, nor the words of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.If there is no cricket, it should be entered "n/m".There are special patterns on the head. You need to print A4 paper and mark the certificate number, declaration and visa date at the corresponding location.

The origin of the original place of origin is the Form E certificate.If you have a refund inquiry work, you should take the initiative to cooperate with the visa institution for investigation.


National: Pakistan

Form P is based on the "China-Pakistan's Early Harvest Program on the Free Trade Agreement" and its "China-Pakistan Free Trade Zone Rules Rules".Official origin certificate.

The China-Pakistan Free Trade Zone was founded in 2006. It is the third free trade agreement signed by China after the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone Cargo Trade Agreement and the China-Chilean Free Trade Agreement.According to the agreement, the two stages of China and Pakistan implemented tax cuts to all cargo products in two stages:

In the first stage of the first stage, within 5 years after the agreement came into effect, the two sides implemented tax cuts on different tax reductions in different tax reductions in products, of which 36%of product tariffs will be reduced to zero within 3 years.Chinese tax reduction products mainly include animal products, aquatic products, vegetables, mineral products, textiles, etc., and Pakistani tax reduction products mainly include beef and mutton, chemical products, electromechanical products, etc.

· Starting from the sixth year of the effect of the agreement, the two parties will further implement tax cuts on their respective products based on the review of the previous situation.The proportion of trade volume reached 90%.

Pay attention here, according to the announcement issued by the General Administration of Customs on April 16 (No. 29, 2018), since April 30, 2018 (including the day, the same day), "China -Pakistan's original electronic information exchange system"Officially launched, transmitted electronic data of the origin under the" Agreement "item in real time.The announcement mentioned:


"Third, in order to avoid difficulties in exported goods in the Pakistana import customs clearance session, the shipping provocative or its agent (hereinafter referred to as the exporter) should be filled in in accordance with the relevant provisions of announced No. 51The Capital Declaration Form "or" List of Customs Research Filter Package of the Customs of the People's Republic of China "(hereinafter referred to as the export declaration form).

4. Due to special circumstances, the customs cannot receive the electronic data of the export of visa institutions exported to the original place of origin, causing the corporate export declaration Times customs to enter the client to prompt that there is no electronic information of the original area certificate, or when the goods export, the exporter fails to follow the 51st 51st.If the announcement requires filling in the original area information of the goods, the exporter shall apply to the customs in time after obtaining the information of the export cargo origin information to apply for customs declaration to modify procedures to supplement the origin information.

5. For the export of goods, the export declaration form needs to be modified due to changes in the information information of the origin of the goods."


National: Chile

According to the "China-Chile Free Trade Agreement" and its "Rules of China-Chile's Free Trade Zone Original Origin Rules", it is issued between China and Chile to enjoy the official origin document of mutual benefit and exemption tariffs between China and Chile.

The China-Chilean Free Trade Agreement was signed in November 2005 and was implemented in October 2006. It mainly covers cargo trade and economic and technological cooperation. It is the first free trade agreement signed by my country and Latin American countries. One of the highest level of freedom in trade signed goods.On November 11, 2017, the China-Chilean Free Trade Zone Upgrade Negotiated Achievement Documents- "The Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Chilean<自由贸易协定>and<自由贸易协定关于服务贸易的补充协定>"Protocol" is officially signed.

Under the existing China-Chilean Free Trade Agreement, more than 97%of products on both sides have achieved zero tariffs, and the level of liberalization of cargo trade is high.In the upgrade negotiations, the two parties continued to expand market opening on the basis of high -level liberalization of the original free trade agreement.The two parties promise to further implement zero tariffs on 54 products, and the proportion of overall zero tariff products will reach about 98%.The China -Zhi Free Trade Agreement will therefore become the highest level of free trade agreement in my country.Among them, China has gradually canceled Zhizhi tariffs on Zhizhi within 3 years after the "Protocol" is effective, involving Zhifang exported about 400,000 US dollars each year;Waiting for the tariffs of 24 products involved in my annual export of about 4 million US dollars.


National: New Zealand

According to the "Administrative Measures for Import and Export Cargo Origin of China-China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement" according to the "China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement" and "China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement".


National: Singapore

According to the "Administrative Measures for Import and Export Cargo Origin of China-China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement" according to the "China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement" and "China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement".


National: Switzerland

According to the "China and the Swiss Federal Free Trade Agreement" and the requirements of relevant regulations, the official origin certification documents that enjoy mutual benefit and exemption tariffs between China and Switzerland, which are issued between China and Switzerland.

9. China-Peru FTA origin certificate

National: Peru

According to the "China-Perured Free Trade Agreement" and its "Rules of the China-Peru's Free Trade Zone Original Origin Rules", it is issued between China and Peru to enjoy the official origin document of mutual benefit and exemption tariffs on specific products.

10. FORM L

National: Costa Rica

According to the "China-Costa Rican Free Trade Agreement" and its "China-Costa Rica Free Trade Zone Original Regulations", it is issued between China and Costa Rica to enjoy the official origin document of mutual benefit and exemption tariffs on specific products.

11. FORM K k

National: South Korea

The FORM K certificate is based on the "China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement" and its "China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement Rules and Procedures for the Implementation of Origin" in China and South Korea.Official origin certificate.South Korea can issue the FROM K certificate of the China -South Korea Free Trade Zone, or the Form B certificate of the Asia -Pacific Trade Agreement.

12. China-Australia FTA origin certificate

National: Australia

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement officially took effect on December 20, 2015. According to preliminary estimates, after the signing of the Sino-Australian Free Trade Agreement, China ’s exported products exported to Australia have obtained a total of about 1.66 billion U.S. dollars.It will achieve a tariff reduction and exemption of about 1.6 billion US dollars, that is, 96.45%, of which about 1.02 billion US dollars, 61.45%, and exemption can be achieved on the effective date of the agreement.

For exporting companies in my country, Australia's tax purpose and trade amount of zero tariffs will eventually reach 100%, and the tax reduction period will not exceed 5 years.Chinese products enjoying higher tariff reduction mainly include clothing and leather, electronics and machinery, other finished products, steel and metal products, and chemical products.

Australia continues to implement the inclusive plan for China. The inclusive origin certificate is still applicable. Exporting enterprises can compare the export of tariff reduction and exemption from exported goods.

13. China-Georgia FTA origin certificate

National: Georgia

The "Government of the People's Republic of China and the Georgian Government Free Trade Agreement" officially took effect on January 1, 2018 and began to implement. This is the first free trade agreement signed by my country and Eurasian countries.With the preferential origin certificate issued by the Sinoga Free Trade Agreement issued by the inspection and quarantine department, companies will enjoy a large discount of 9,891 Chinese product export tariffs to zero.

After the agreement takes effect, in terms of cargo trade, the grid immediately implements zero tariffs on 96.5%of our products in my country, covering 99.6%of the total imports from China; 93.9%of the products in my country shall implement zero tariffs, covering my country's total imports of imports in China 93.8%, of which 90.9%of the products (42.7%of the imports) immediately implemented zero tariffs, and the remaining 3%of its products (51.1%imports) gradually dropped to zero tariffs within 5 country's electronic products, machinery and equipment, textile and clothing products, meat products, vegetables and fruits exported to Georgia will have greater growth potential.