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Don't understand the Thai TISI certification

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Certification Introduction
Thailand implements the TISI certification system combining compulsory certification and voluntary certification. For products that conform to the standard, the TISI logo is allowed. For products that have not yet developed a standard, TISI also implements product registration as a temporary certification means.
The Thai government requires 60 categories of products for compulsory certification, covering 8 fields, including: electrical equipment and accessories, medical equipment, building materials, consumer goods, vehicles, PVC pipes, LPG gas containers and agricultural products. In addition, the certification of other categories of products is voluntary certification. Voluntary certification can only be applied by local manufacturers.
The Industrial Product Standards Act authorizes the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) to take charge of Thai certification. TISI is not only the government authority for compulsory certification in Thailand, but also a standard setting and management agency, certification agency, and laboratory accreditation, personnel training and registration agency. It is worth noting that Thailand does not have a non-governmental compulsory certification body.
Product Range

For electronic and electrical products, TISI certification covers a total of 42 categories, only a few of them are listed below:
TIS 4 Part 1-2529 (1986) Incandescent lamp May 1, 1987
TIS 23-2521 (1978) Ballast Fluorescent Lamp April 1, 1979
TIS 344-2549 (2006) Tubular Fluorescent Lamp and Starter Holder July 13, 2008
TIS 366-2547 (2004) Irons: Safety Requirements December 26, 2005
TIS 934-2533 (1990) A.C. Electric Fans: Safety Requirements December 25, 1991
TIS 956-2533 (1990) Fluorescent Lamps: Safety Requirements September 25, 1991
TIS 1039-2547 (2004) Rice Cooker: Safety Requirements February 21, 2006
TIS 1389-2539 (1996) Tumble dryers: Safety requirements March 23, 2002
TIS 1462-2548 (2005) Household washing machines August 21, 2007
TIS 1509-2547 (2004) Electric Fryer: Safety Requirements April 27, 2006
TIS 1693-2547 (2004) Instant Water Heaters: Safety Requirements April 23, 2006
TIS 1773-2548 (2005) Safety Requirements for Microwave Ovens: August 21, 2007
TIS 1955-2542 (1999) Lighting and similar equipment: Radio interference limitation August 11, 2002
TIS 1985-2549 (2006) Skin or Hair Care Equipment: Safety Requirements July 14, 2008
TIS 2134-2545 (2002) Environmental Requirements for Energy Saving of Air Conditioners March 11, 2005
TIS 2186-2547 (2004) Household Refrigerators: Environmental Requirements: Energy Saving December 23, 2006
Note: For details, please refer to the mandatory product list. This website also involves a lot of certification information
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