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DHL New Notification of Shipment of Goods

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-10-18
Sunny worldwide logistics recently received a notice from DHL in Hong Kong that all shipments must comply with the following packaging requirements:

1, small package, only accept DHL wrapped plastic bag package consignment, not accept non-DHL wrapped plastic bag goods.

2.Boxes are only accepted for shipment in regular packing of strong cartons.

3, all packaging articles with a length of more than 300 cm, a single weight of more than 300 kg, naked packaging, inadequate packaging, irregular packaging, and non-stacking are not accepted for shipment.

We remind the consignor that the consignor must strictly check whether the shipment meets the above requirements before shipping the goods. If the failure to comply with the relevant regulations results in the return of the shipment or delay in transit, all consequences and related expenses will be borne by the sender. Please know, caused inconvenience, please forgive!

Attach the correct packing method as well as the error demonstration. Please note to all consignors. Thank you

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air freight, sea frieght ,international express ,broker
air freight, sea frieght ,international express ,broker