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DHL will build a "large package center" near Brandenburg

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-03-20
GermanyThe Deutsche Post DHL Group is building a new 165,000-square-meter “major package center” in Ludwigsfelde near Brandenburg, which is scheduled to be operational by 2020.

It is reported that the facility can sort about 50,000 shipments per hour and can support DHL's two existing centers near Rüdersdorf and Börnicke.

Juergen, a member of the board of directors of the Group’s e-commerce department Gerdes said: "Especially due to the prosperity of e-commerce, the parcel market is still growing rapidly. We are making our network more compact and we are continuously investing in the efficiency of our parcel infrastructure in order to continue to provide our customers with future speed and The same high quality of service in terms of reliability."

“The new parcel center we are building now is located in a particularly strong area where parcels are rapidly growing. It does represent an important part of our strategic goals,” he added.

The company has already ordered more than 1 million packages per hour in 34 parcel centers. It is expected that the average annual package growth rate will reach 5-7% by 2020.

In 2016, Deutsche Post DHL Group's largest package center so far - Obertshausen, has shipped 50,000 units per hour. Last summer, construction began at a similar plant in Bochum, which is scheduled to start operations in 2019.