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  • Release Date:2018-06-14
Do you still remember Doctor Ho in November last year?Sunny worldwide LogisticsCome to clinic.

In these days, Dr. He told us about some health knowledge. For example, most of us have stomach problems and heavy moisture problems.

When we study Chinese medicine, it is best to engage our own physical condition to conduct a comparative study. This will be better.

For example, the book says that the heavy moisture of the human body is a greasy tongue and it is just as heavy as your own body. Then you can do a comparative study.

In this way, you will find that the place is particularly impressive. And also have a great understanding of their own physical condition. This is the purpose of your study of Chinese medicine.
方案一:清淡食物享美味   三伏天气温不断升高,空气湿度加大,许多人没有食欲,这时尝试多吃一些清淡食物,不仅可以促进食欲,还能防病。   清淡饮食能清热、防暑、敛汗、补液,还能增进食欲。多吃新鲜蔬菜瓜果,既可满足所需营养,又可预防中暑。主食以稀为宜,如绿豆粥、莲子粥、荷叶粥等。还可适当喝些清凉饮料,如酸梅汤、菊花茶等。另外,吃些醋,既能生津开胃,又能抑制杀灭病菌,预防胃肠道病。   专家强调:“清淡”实质是少用油,绝不是不沾荤腥。夏季更应注意蛋白质的摄入,每日摄入量在70至90克为宜,且最好一半以上为鱼、虾、瘦肉、鸡肉、鸭肉、蛋、奶和豆制品等易被人体消化和吸收的优质蛋白质。 方案二:两素同补可防病   三伏天天气闷热,随着人体汗液的大量排出,造成身体内部各种营养物质,特别是无机盐的大量消耗;再加上食欲不振,活动减少,整个人的身体状况处于相对低下的水平,摄入减少而消耗增多,故不少人体重下降,引发疾病。因此,注意补充维生素和微量元素是维护健康的重要一环。   炎夏人体新陈代谢加快,容易缺乏各种维生素。此时,可选择一些富含维生素和钙的食物,如西瓜、黄瓜、番茄、豆类制品、动物肝肾等,也可以饮用一些果汁,如橙汁、柠檬汁、番茄汁等既可补充维生素,还可帮助消化、健脾开胃、提高食欲。   此外,出汗多也会导致体内的钾离子丧失过多,具体的症状是人体倦怠无力、食欲不振。新鲜蔬菜和水果中含有较多的钾,因此可酌情吃一些桃、李等水果,而蔬菜中的青菜、大葱、芹菜、毛豆等含钾也很丰富。 方案三:苦味食物不能少   许多人认为苦味食物算不上美味,不过它却是夏日的健康食品。苦味食物中所含的生物碱具有消暑清热、促进血液循环、舒张血管作用。   三伏天气里吃些苦味食物,或饮用一些啤酒、咖啡等苦味饮料,不但能清除人的烦恼、提神醒脑,还可以增进食欲、健脾利胃。   但是,吃苦味食物也要因人而异。一般说来,老人和小孩的脾胃多虚弱,故不适宜过多食用苦味食物。患有脾胃虚寒、脘腹冷痛、大便溏泄的病人不宜食用苦味食物,否则会加重病情。 4 方案四:清新绿茶可消暑   炎热的午后,喝一口清香的绿茶,不仅清热消暑,还能解毒止渴,实在是夏季养生的上乘之选。   每喝三杯以上绿茶的老人,不仅患老年痴呆症的几率较低,他们在总体的记忆力、注意力上,要明显高于平时喝绿茶较少或不喝绿茶的人。喝绿茶具有养生、抗癌、坚固牙齿、保护毛细血管以及提神的作用。另外,绿茶还含有大量的钾,大量出汗后饮绿茶可以帮助身体补充流失的钾,提高耐热能力。

Here are some health tips to share with you

Heatstroke prevention

Option one: enjoy delicious food

As the temperature of the weather keeps rising, the humidity of the air increases, and many people have no appetite. At this time, trying to eat more light food can not only promote appetite but also prevent diseases.

A light diet can clear heat, prevent heatstroke, collect sweat, and rehydrate, and it can also increase appetite. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, both to meet the required nutrition, but also to prevent heat stroke. The main food is dilute, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on. You can also drink some cool drinks, such as sour plum, chrysanthemum tea. In addition, eat some vinegar, both Sheng Jin appetizers, but also inhibit the killing of bacteria, prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

Experts emphasized that “lightness” is essentially using less oil, and it is by no means non-stick. Summer should pay attention to protein intake, daily intake of 70 to 90 grams is appropriate, and preferably more than half of the fish, shrimp, lean meat, chicken, duck, eggs, milk and soy products and other vulnerable to the human body High-quality protein for digestion and absorption.

Option Two: Two Elements Can Prevent Diseases

Days of hot weather are sultry. With the massive discharge of human sweat, various nutrients inside the body, especially inorganic salts, are consumed in a large amount. Coupled with loss of appetite and reduced activity, the entire person’s physical condition is at a relatively low level. The decrease in consumption leads to more consumption, so many people lose weight and cause illness. Therefore, attention to vitamin supplements and trace elements is an important part of maintaining health.

In the summer, the body's metabolism is accelerated and it is easy to lack various vitamins. At this point, choose some foods rich in vitamins and calcium, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, bean products, animal liver and kidney, etc., can also drink some fruit juices, such as orange juice, lemon juice, tomato juice, etc. Can also help digestion, spleen appetite, increase appetite.

In addition, excessive sweating can lead to excessive loss of potassium in the body. The specific symptoms are fatigue and loss of appetite. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium, so you can eat some peaches, plums, and other fruits as appropriate. Vegetables, vegetables, green onions, celery, soybeans and other potassium are also very rich.

Option 3: Bitter foods should not be less

Many people think that bitter food is not delicious, but it is a summer health food. The alkaloids contained in bitter foods have the effects of relieving heat and heat, promoting blood circulation, and relaxing blood vessels.
In bitter weather, eating bitter food or drinking some bitter drinks such as beer and coffee not only clears people's troubles, refreshes their mind, but also increases appetite and spleen.
However, eating bitter foods also varies from person to person. In general, the spleen and stomach of the elderly and children are weak, so they are not suitable for eating too much bitter food. Patients suffering from spleen and stomach, cold abdominal pain, and loose stools should not eat bitter foods, otherwise they will worsen the disease.

Option 4: Fresh green tea can relieve heat
On a hot afternoon, drinking green tea with aroma will not only relieve the heat, but also detoxify and quench thirst. It is really the best choice for summer health.
Every old man who drank more than three cups of green tea not only had a lower chance of suffering from Alzheimer's disease, but they were generally more memory and attentive than those who usually had less green tea or no green tea. Drinking green tea has the effects of health, anti-cancer, firm teeth, protection of capillaries, and refreshment. In addition, green tea also contains a large amount of potassium. Drinking a lot of sweat after drinking green tea can help the body to replenish lost potassium and increase heat resistance.

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