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China Shipping to Maldives Notes

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-03-27

TheMaldivesLocated in South Asia, it is an island nation on the Indian Ocean and the largest coral island nation in the world. With a land area of ​​298 square kilometers (excluding the territorial sea), it is the smallest country in Asia consisting of more than 1,200 small coral islands, of which 202 are inhabited. The distance between the northeast of Maldives and Sri Lanka is 675 kilometers, and the distance between India and the island of Minikoy is about 113 kilometers. The equatorial strait and the half-strait strait in the south of the Maldives are the main sea transportation routes.

The Maldives is an island country and its main means of transportation is ships. Land transportation is limited to the capital Male. The shipping industry is mainly engaged in the transportation business between Hong Kong and the Persian Gulf and Red Sea areas and domestic islands. It has more than 250 merchant ships.

Although Maldives is an island nation, there are not many large ports. The ports of China Shipping to Maldives mainly include Male Island and Addu Atoll.

Male Island
Located on the northern coast of Male’ Island in the middle of the Maldives, on the north side of the Indian Ocean, it is the largest seaport in the Maldives. It is the capital of the Maldives and is also the military and transportation hub of the Indian Ocean. The main industries include wooden sailing workshops, canned fish and fruit processing, and handicrafts such as wooden toys and weaving laces. The port is about 1km from the airport and there are international flights. In Hong Kong, cargo is mainly loaded and unloaded at anchorages, and large ships are used for boat operations. There are more than 10 barges with a loading capacity of 75-150 tons, and fork lifts for hatches. The average time for vessels to stay in Hong Kong is about 3.9 days. Another shore crane, the maximum lifting capacity of 25 tons. The water depth of East Channel is more than 30m. The main export goods are fresh fish, dried coconut, coconut fiber, fruits and fish products, etc. The imported goods mainly include grains and daily necessities.

2. Adu Atoll
The Adu Atoll is located about 478 kilometers south of Malé, the capital of the Maldives. It is located at latitude 0°38′S, longitude 73°10′E, and a land area of ​​15.7km2. The island consists of seven artificial bridges and about twenty uninhabited islands. Six of the islands are inhabited.

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai and other cities can ship to the Maldives with a range of 15 to 21 days. For example, Shenzhen to the Maldives can be transferred from Shenzhen Shekou Ferry Terminal to the Colombo port, and then to Male’ Island, with a range of about 18 days.

Due to its special geographical location, the Maldives mainly exports marine products and garments. The main imports are food, petroleum products, textiles and household products.

As a Muslim country, Maldivians do not eat pork or drink because of their religious practices. In the past, local residents used fish, coconuts, and cassava as their staple foods. However, with the economic development, imported food such as rice and flour has become the staple food of the Maldives.

To this end, logistics Baba specializes in ordering our customers to take note of imported products in the Maldives:

1. It is forbidden to import various kinds of drugs and sulfuric acid, nitrates, dangerous animals, etc. without the permission of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

2. Imports of alcoholic beverages, dogs, pigs or pork, statues, etc. are not permitted without the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3. Prohibits the import of items that offend Islam, dolls, pornographic materials, narcotics and psychotropic substances, and live pigs

4. Except for tax exemption, all items exported to the Maldives shall be subject to export tax