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Sunny worldwide logistics wishes you a happy Lantern Festival

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2019-02-18
The Chinese people attach the most importance to reunion, so our traditional festivals are inseparable from the reunion. The Lantern Festival is the first day of the lunar calendar, and it is even more inseparable from reunion.Sunny worldwide logisticswish you a happy Lantern Festival here.
Festival Customs: In the Song Dynasty, the folks popularized a novelty food that was eaten by the Lantern Festival. This kind of food, first called "Floating Yuanzi", was called "Yuanyu", and the businessman was also known as "Yuanbao". Yuanxiao, that is, "tangyuan" is filled with sugar, rose, sesame, bean paste, yellow laurel, walnut kernel, nuts, jujube, etc., and is wrapped in glutinous rice flour into a round shape, which can be succulent and has different flavors.

The lanterns are the traditional festivals of the Lantern Festival. On the fifteenth night of the first month, the streets and lanes, the red lights are hanging, the beast headlights, the lanterns, the flower lights, the birds and lanterns, and so on.
Guessing riddles, also known as riddles, is a special event of the Lantern Festival that has been circulating since ancient times. Write the riddle on a note and stick it on a colorful lantern for people to guess.
I think that everyone is from all over the world. It is a fate to be together. No matter how much you miss home, our warm family will always be there. I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival and wish you a sweet new year. Then, do you eat rice balls or eat Yuanxiao? Come and share it.