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COSCO maritime US website was hacked

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2018-07-27
With the digitization of the international shipping industry, cyber attacks have become one of the great threats facing the shipping industry. In 2017, Danish shipping giant Maersk suffered a large-scale cyberattack, causing the company to lose as much as $300 million.

Now similar incidents have happened again. According to foreign media reports, on July 24, international shipping giant COSCO Shipping GroupUnited StatesThe company (Cosco Shipping) website was hacked and the website was embarrassing.

According to the notice sent by COSCO Shipping to the customer, the attack caused the company's website mailbox to be unable to use normally. The company advises customers to use the e-commerce features of their website to submit booking requests, shipping instructions and modifications, and the company also provides a temporary communication mailbox.

In the notice, the company also stated: “We will continue to evaluate things and take appropriate measures to minimize the impact of current events on the business.”

A spokesperson of COSCO SHIPPING Shanghai headquarters confirmed the incident yesterday and said that the company's business outside the US has not been affected, and all ships and terminals can operate as usual.

At present, the company has not given specific time to resume full operation.
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