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CMA CGM completes its comprehensive acquisition of Kehua Logistics

  • Author:Hank
  • Release Date:2019-04-12
Following the launch of the friendly tender offer, CMA CGM has acquired 97.89% of the shares of Kehua Logistics.
Through the acquisition of Jihua Logistics, CMA is gradually implementing an ambitious transformation plan to provide customers with world-class logistics services.
The group will establish an operation center in Marseille, integrate the management team, and accelerate the pace of Jihua Logistics turning losses into profit.

CMA's successful completion of the Kehua logistics friendly tender offer

Following the completion of the tender offer on February 12, 2019, CMA CGM announced today that it will hold 97.89% of the issued shares of Kehua Logistics and have voting rights for Kehua Logistics. The share purchase settlement is expected to be April 16, 2019. The day is all completed. As stated in the announcement, CMA plans to delist Jihua Logistics from the Zurich Stock Exchange.
Ambitious strategic growth for group customer service

After being integrated into the business of Kehua Logistics, it will strengthen the position of CMA Group as a global leader in shipping and logistics. The group will have 110,000 employees in 160 countries with revenues in excess of $30 billion.

CMA CGM will be able to meet the diverse logistics needs of its global customers through a comprehensive solution covering the entire supply chain, including LCL, air freight, purchase order management, contract logistics and customs clearance.
Operational measures to promote Jihua Logistics to achieve profitability

The implementation of the new strategic plan jointly developed by CMA and Kehua Logistics and the close cooperation between the two companies will promote the effective improvement of the financial performance of Kehua Logistics.

The Group will establish a Jihua Logistics Operations Center in Marseille to bring together about 200 jobs (including new positions and internal transfers) for the management team and supporting functions.

This integration will help to deploy a coordinated set of structural initiatives such as:
- Increase productivity through investment in information systems and digital technologies;
- Focus the local team's work on customer service;
- Achieve a more balanced customer segmentation;
- Streamlining the company's organizational structure, in particular reducing the number of regional divisions and coordinating and streamlining processes;
- Achieve more targeted, customer-centric communication.

In this regard, Mr. Rudolf Sassad, Chairman and CEO of CMA CGM, said: "The success of this transaction marks a major milestone in the history of CMA CGM. With the addition of Kiva Logistics, with 110,000 With the support of its employees, CMA has further recognized its position as the world's leading shipping and logistics group. We are now able to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that meets all of their needs and thus sets us apart from the competition."