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Big ship!90%container ship delay!Shipping companies grabbing ships at high prices!The challenges

  • Release Date:2024-07-09
At present, the long -term Honghai crisis has a profound impact on the global shipping industry.Global port congestion has reached a new high since one and a half years, and the degree of congestion of the port port of Singapore is particularly serious. Other Asian and European ports have also occurred recently.At the same time, factors such as tariff threats and port strikes have exacerbated the uncertainty of global shipping, and the freight rate has soared again.

The peak season is coming, and the global ports continue to encounter serious congestion.Maritime Data Company Linerlytica recently said that the global port congestion has reached the highest level of 18 months, and the Asian port situation is particularly serious.

As the world's second largest container port, Singapore Port may be the most striking of these many congested ports.In recent weeks, the port has been particularly serious.Recently, the Minister of Transportation in Singapore said that about 90%of ships delayed to Singapore.

He said that as the Red Sea crisis continued to disrupt the shipping plan, almost all container ships driving to Singapore arrived later.Many of them arrived in a short period of time, causing the ship to gather and exacerbate congestion.Therefore, the demand and complexity of port container loading and unloading have increased.Therefore, the container boat spent longer spending on the berth and causing serious congestion at the port.Analysts said that the time for waiting for berths in Singapore has reached four to five days.


Singapore's PSAPSA International PSAPSA International is "close cooperation" to alleviate the congestion of the port and cheer for the ship when the ship is waiting for the berth.In addition, some berths and stacks of Keppel Terminal and Tanjong Pagar Wharf have been restarted.

He said, "Although our efforts have improved the average waiting time for this month (June) this month, unfortunately, the Red Sea crisis will not quickly alleviate. As the owner is shipped in advance, and prepare for this year's holiday, the volume of freight is available, and the volume of freight volume will be prepared.Increase may also lead to further congestion.

In addition, according to Linerlytica's data, Asia port is still the world's most important area of ​​shipping traffic congestion.Among the idle containers waiting global, 23%appeared in Southeast Asia, 20%were in the Middle East, and 11%were in India's secondary continent.In addition to the Port of Singapore, the Port of Malaysia is also working hard to deal with the increase in the number of ships in Hong Kong.

Shipping company renting boats at high prices and buying ships to seize capacity!MSC premium 48.5 million US dollars to buy boats

Recently, Maski rented a new container ship of 7,000teu from Dexiang Sea for a day -cost rent of 150,000 US dollars per day. The news caused heated discussions in the industry.The industry signal released by this news is obvious, and the shortage of transportation in the new round of power strikes again.


The excess capacity caused by the delivery of a large number of new ship orders has been fully reversed in the past six months.The Red Sea crisis has not been lifted, and Africa involves a large number of shipping capacity, which has reversed the situation of excess capacity.In addition, the freight rate has continued to rise since April this year, and the shipping company does not want to miss the opportunity to rise in this round of freight, and try to supplement the current capacity. High -priced rental ships are one of them.

A month ago, Da Fei also rented a new 7000teu new container ship from Dexiang Sea, but the price was only $ 80,000/Teu.In about a month, the price of ship rental was almost doubled.In mid -June, Da Fei leased another container ship from the Dexiang Sea Transport Office, with a monthly rent of $ 100 million per day, refreshing the rent record at the time.


While Maski and Dafei Rental container ships, the Mediterranean Shipping, which has stabilized in the global capacity list, has recently won the Balia International Shipping (BAL, a Bala International Shipping (BAL, a Chinese shipping company under the total price of $ 333 million) Two 14000TEU container ships are booked with a premium of 48.5 million US dollars.

Recently, Vincent Clerc, CEO of Masisky, said that the additional capacity is extremely limited throughout the shipping industry. At the same time, the demand for container transportation is still strong. The shipping company is already fully coordinating the capacity, but it cannot alleviate the problems facing the entire industry.Essence

Behind the shipping giant to rent container ships, Mediterranean, and Dafei's rapid layout of the capacity market, there is also the help of the freight rate.Under such a high freight rate, the profit margin of the shipping company has been opened again, and maintaining a stable and sufficient capacity can help the ship company earn a lot of money in this wave.


Maski said that in the next few months, it will be challenging for shipping companies and enterprises for several months, because the interruption of container transportation through the Red Sea will continue until the third quarter of this year.Matsky CEO Vincent Clerc emphasized that only when the safety of seafarers, ships and goods is guaranteed, Maski will return to the Red Sea route.

This year's business is not easy to do.The ship's voyage, high demand, and port congestion have led to further lack of capacity. In addition, many large ports are facing strike threats, which has exacerbated the global supply chain tension and continuously pushing the freight rate ...