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Average voyage shortened by 3 hours! China’s Panamanian Airline’s First Flight Success!

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Release Date:2018-04-10
April 5, 2018, Beijing, operated by China International AirlinesPanama CityThe first flight of the direct route opened.
Panamanian President Barrera held a celebration ceremony in Panama City and said that this flight is not only a bridge between China and Pakistan, but also a bridge between Central America, the Caribbean and even Latin America and Asia as a whole, which is conducive to better promoting bilateral economic and trade exchanges. Communicate with people."
Tocumen International Airport in Panama City is one of the busiest aviation hubs in Latin America. It flies daily to and from more than 90 cities in the Americas and Europe. It transports more than 15 million passengers each year.
On April 5th, the direct flight ceremony of “Beijing-Panama City” at Tocumen Airport ushered in more than 300 politicians. In the airport check-in building, “Welcome to Panama” and “Connect China to Panama” can be seen everywhere.
Beijing time On June 13, 2017, China and Panama announced the successful establishment of diplomatic ties, and bilateral relations have achieved substantial progress.
Panama was the first Latin American country to sign a memorandum of "One Belt, One Road" with China. In addition, the introduction of visa facilitation policies and the opening of direct flights have laid a good foundation for the promotion of cultural exchanges between the two countries, especially tourism cooperation.
The direct air route between Panama and China, connecting China and Latin America, greatly facilitates personnel exchanges. At this stage, the direct flight will be conducted twice a week on Thursday and Sunday. The journey from Beijing to Panama will take about 19 hours and 50 minutes, and the return journey will be about 23 hours and 20 minutes. This will be shortened by nearly 3 hours on average compared to the non-direct route.
In an interview with the People’s Daily, Barrera said that the “One Belt and One Road” initiative strongly promotes trade liberalization. Panama will actively engage in this initiative and use its aviation advantages to facilitate cooperation and development.
Huakin Morales, a researcher of the State Secretariat of the Presidential Office of the Presidential Palace of Panama, told the media: “The opening of the airline will promote Panama to China, and the door to the future is already open. We expect more Chinese people to come to Panama and more Panamanians to go to China. ”
Wei Qiang, the Chinese ambassador to Panama, stated that starting from the extension of the “Belt and Road” to Latin America, the opening of this route has prominent symbolic significance. In the future, Panama can be an important ground for the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, which will help push forward China-Pakistan relations and Sino-Latin American relations steadily forward within the framework of the initiative.