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Attention to shipments to Japanese FBA Amazon

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worldwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-11-15
Do not blindly choose the FBA logistics line, Shenzhen Hongmingda logistics focused on high-quality professional FBA logistics services in Europe and the United States, the destination of the documents required to control the source of shipment, let me tell you to send to Japan FBA notes.
Storage fees: Calculate volume based on the size of all goods held at the Amazon Operations Center and calculate the actual storage space occupied by the Operations Center on a daily basis. Inventory custody costs are charged on a monthly basis only for space actually occupied.
Distribution fee: consists of the "shipping operation fee" generated during the preparation of shipments such as packaging and bundles after receiving orders, and the "weight handling fee" generated when sending goods to buyers.
The distribution fee is based on the amount, type, size and weight of the commodity. It is divided into six types: "big products", "high prices", "medium small items", "media standard items", "non-media small items", and "non-media standard items".
Attention to shipments to Japanese FBA Amazon
Japanese Amazon FBA head into the warehouse note:
1. It is important to provide Japanese importers(companies or individuals). Without the cooperation of importers, it is basically impossible to complete customs clearance. (Customs will confirm the local tax number by telephone.) This can be arranged by us.
2. Notes on Japanese Import Tariff and Consumption Tax:
The import of most of Japan's goods(80-90 %) is tariff-free, but goods with freight and cargo value greater than 10,000 yen are subject to 8 % consumption tax.
A small number of products have an average tax rate of(3-5 %) such as: plastic products, aluminum products, etc.. However, the freight and cargo value of the express shipment is less than 10,000 yen. There is also no tariff and consumption tax. Conversely, more than 10,000 yen are subject to import tariffs(3-5 %) and 8 % consumption taxes.
So what is the first clearance process for the Japanese FBA:
1, the sender must coordinate with the importer before shipping the goods to clear the goods and sign off on them. After the goods arrive in the local area, the clearance contact person will cooperate with the service provider or customs clearance agent to handle the cargo clearance.
Invoice of shipment must indicate the name, address, contact information(telephone, mobile phone and e-mail) of the true importer(buyer or customs clearance agent).
3. Clothes(simply understood as non-elastic trousers, such as jeans, etc.) whose freight and cargo value is less than 10,000 yen are also not imported tariffs and excise taxes. Conversely, there will be 7-10 .9 % import tariffs plus excise taxes.
Sunny worldwide logisticss can provide Amazon's self-shipping logistics, and provide warehousing / labeling / support services. We have a strong network of foreign agents in the local customs clearance and make an appointment to send to the Amazon address. Hong Mingda Logistics, focusing on logistics services for 20 years, is a loyal partner that you can trust.
Attention to shipments to Japanese FBA Amazon