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As a new foreign trade freight forwarder, we need to understand the whole process of foreign trade f

  • Author:Jay
  • Source:Logistics Baba
  • Release Date:2018-09-15

For the first time involved in the logistics freight forwarding industry, As a new foreign trade freight forwarder, in the absence of any understanding, then it is necessary to start from the whole process of foreign trade freight. Based on the basic level, and through careful understanding and understanding of each link in the process, the new generation of goods will gradually feel strange and familiar to the industry.

So what are the specific processes? If you don't say much, please see the specific steps below to know!


1. Customer Inquiry:

Generally, before the customer places an order, the relevant inquiry will be sent to the corresponding business department, and the members of the business department will go back to the order.

2. Quote:

After the business department promptly receives the enquiry from the guests, it must communicate and communicate with the guests effectively by asking for the product name, model, volume, quantity, weight, payment method, packaging specifications and cabinet type. In addition to these, you can also ask the guests whether they have specific special requirements in order to provide a formal quotation for the guests and provide the best solution.

3. Get the order:

After many consultations and negotiations, the customer received an official order.

4. Place the production order:

After confirming the customer's order, after obtaining the contact information and address of the supplier/factory given by the customer, contact the supplier/factory in time to place an order, arrange production planning and shipping related matters.

5. Business approval:

After the business department receives the order, it first makes a business review form. According to the “Export Contract Review Form”, the items are filled out as much as possible. The contract approval must be accompanied by a fax of the customer's order and a purchase contract with the factory. The audit form shall be signed by the salesperson, approved by the department manager, and submitted to the management department for review before being executed. If the amount is large, or if there are provisions such as prepayments and commissions, it must be approved by the general manager of the company. After the contract is approved, a sales order is made and submitted to the department process staff for follow-up.

6. Release production notice:

After the business department determines the delivery date, the production notice can be issued to notify the factory to produce on time:

-6.1: If the customer is an L/C payment, it is usually confirmed that the L/C has been received one month before the delivery date. After receiving the L/C, the salesperson and the documentary shall examine the letter of credit separately to check whether If there is an error, whether the delivery date can be guaranteed, and other possible problems, if there is any problem, you should immediately ask the guest to change the certificate.

-6.2: If it is a T/T payment customer, confirm that the deposit has been received.


7. Inspection:

-7.1: One week before the delivery date, the company's inspector should be notified to inspect the goods.

-7.2: If the customer wants to inspect the goods by himself or the designated inspection personnel, the customer should check the goods and inform the planning department about the date of inspection one week before the delivery date.

-7.3: If the customer designates a third-party inspection company or a fair-inspection, please contact the inspection company two weeks before the delivery date to make an appointment to ensure the time is scheduled before the delivery date. After confirming, notify the factory of the inspection time.

8. Prepare the basic documents:

The packing information provided by the factory, the production of export contracts, export of commercial invoices, packing lists and other documents.

9. Commodity inspection:

If it is a national legal commodity inspection product, it must explain the commodity inspection requirements when placing an order to the factory, and provide the export inspection contract, invoice and other materials required for commodity inspection. Moreover, it is necessary to tell the factory the export port of the product in the future, which is convenient for the factory to conduct commodity inspection. The commodity inspection certificate/strip should be obtained one week before the shipment.

10. Chartering booking:

-10.1. If the contract with the guest is FOB CHINA, the guest will usually specify the shipping agency or shipping company. You should contact the freight forwarder as soon as possible to inform the delivery intention, understand the export port to be arranged, the schedule, etc. Q confirm whether the delivery of the factory can be earlier than at least one week before the sailing period, and whether the shipping schedule can meet the customer's request. Delivery period. A written order notice (ING ORDER) should be issued to the shipping company two weeks before the delivery date, usually with a fixed order paper one week before the ship is opened.

-10.2. If the freight is paid by the seller, you should consult the shipping company or the shipping company as soon as possible for the shipping schedule, freight rate, port of departure, etc. After comparison, choose a shipping company with a favorable price, good reputation, and a suitable shipping schedule, and tell the salesperson to inform the guests. If you do not agree, you must choose another shipping company approved by the guest. Two weeks before the ship is opened, the written order is fixed. The procedure is the same as above.

-10.3. If the goods are not enough for a small cabinet, when you need to take the bulk cargo, you will set the bulk position to the freight forwarding company. When you get the warehousing paper, you need to know the cut-off time, the warehousing declaration requirements, and so on.

-10.4. When ordering a position to a transportation company, you must fax the written order paper, indicating the scheduled shipping schedule, cabinet type and quantity, destination port, etc., to avoid errors.

11. Arrange the trailer:

-11.1. After the goods are completed and the goods are inspected, the trailer company is entrusted to carry the cabinets and load the cabinets. The trailer company should choose a safe and reliable, reasonably priced company to sign an agreement for long-term cooperation to ensure safety and punctuality. To the trailer company to fax the following information: fixed deposit confirmation / release paper, shipping company, fixed warehouse number, towing cabinet power of attorney, indicating the loading time, cabinet type and quantity, loading address, customs broker, and shipping Port and so on. If there is an inspection company looking at the cabinet, it must be specifically stated that it cannot be late. And asked to return a copy of the cabinet information, including the cabinet number, license plate number, driver and contact number, etc.

-11.2. Fax a loading information to the factory, specifying the time of the cabinet, the type of cabinet, the order number, the order number, the license plate number, and the driver's contact number.

-11.3. The factory is required to fax a loading notice to the business department as soon as possible after leaving the factory, indicating the time of the container leaving the factory, the actual quantity of loading, etc., and recording the packing number and the sealing number as the information of the bill of lading. Be sure to remember the seal after the factory is loaded.

12. Entrusted customs declaration:

At the same time, the trailer will hand over the information required for customs declaration to the cooperative customs broker, entrust the export declaration and make the commodity inspection and customs clearance. It usually takes two days to clear the customs (before the ship is intercepted). When entrusting customs declaration, a packing information should be provided, including the goods and quantity loaded, port, shipping company, fixed number, cabinet number, ship opening and closing time, trailer company, cabinet type and quantity, the company's contact People and telephones, etc.

13. Obtain shipping documents:

-13.1. At the latest, within two days after the ship is opened, the contents of the bill of lading must be faxed to the shipping company or freight forwarder. The feeding should be done according to the requirements of L/C or the customer, and the correct quantity of the goods, as well as some special requirements, including the certificate of the ship that the shipping company is required to accompany the bill of lading.

-13.2. Supervise the shipping company to issue a bill of lading and freight bill as soon as possible. After carefully checking the sample, confirm the contents of the bill of lading in writing to the shipping company. If the bill of lading needs to be confirmed by the customer, the bill of lading must be faxed to the guest first, and then the shipping company is required to submit the original.

-13.3. Pay the transportation and miscellaneous fees in a timely manner, and notify the shipping company to obtain the shipping documents such as the bill of lading in time after payment. Payment for shipping should be registered.

14. Prepare other documents

-14.1. Commercial invoices: The documents required by L/C require the most stringent commercial invoices. The date of the invoice must be determined after the date of issue and before the delivery date. The description of the goods in the invoice should be exactly the same as on the L/C, and the lowercase and uppercase amounts must be correct. The terms of the invoice on L/C should be displayed and the gimmick should be displayed. If the invoice needs to be certified by the other embassy, ​​it is generally required to apply 20 days in advance.

-14.2. FORMA Certificate of Origin: The FORM A Certificate of Origin must be submitted to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for delivery before shipment. It should be noted that the date of shipment should be before the L/C delivery date and the ship date, after the invoice date. If you fail to process it before delivery, you must apply for a post-issuance certificate, and you need to provide a customs declaration, bill of lading and other documents. For goods transshipped through Hong Kong, the FORM A certificate usually goes to the Chinese Commodity Inspection Company in Hong Kong for a further signing to prove that the goods have not been reprocessed in Hong Kong.

-14.3. General Certificate of Origin: General Certificate of Origin can be handled at the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, with lower requirements. Can be reissued within a short period of time after shipment. If the certificate of origin is to be signed by the embassy, ​​it must be processed 20 days in advance as the invoice.

-14.4. Shipping Notice: Generally, it is required to notify the customer of the details of the shipment within a few days after the ship is opened, including the name of the ship, the number of flights, the date of the ship, the expected date of arrival, the quantity and quantity of the goods, the amount of packages, the number of packages, and the number of packages. Attention port agent, etc. Sometimes L/C requires proof of delivery, such as fax report, letter order, etc., pay attention to the time required by the guests.

-14.5. Packing list: The packing list should clearly indicate the packing of the goods. To display the quantity of each box, the gross weight, net weight and outer box size of each box. The total volume calculated by the size of the outer box is to match the total volume indicated. To display the gimmick and the box number, so that the guest can find it. The weight and volume of the packing list must match the bill of lading.

15. Delivery:

-15.1. For the collection of foreign exchange by L/C, the documents shall be prepared in full during the specified delivery time, and the documents shall be strictly examined to ensure that there are no errors before they are submitted to the bank for negotiation.

-15.2. If the T/T collection is used, the bill of lading will be faxed to the customer immediately after obtaining the bill of lading, and the original bill of lading and other documents will be sent to the guest after confirming the balance.

-15.3. If the T/T collects the foreign exchange, it is required to collect the full amount to make the cabinet. After getting the bill of lading, you can immediately send the original bill of lading to the guest.

16. Business registration:

Every single export business should be registered in time after completion, including computer registration and written registration, for later inquiry and statistics.

17. The documentary should pay attention to the collection of freight rate changes, shipping schedules, routes, and other information to provide assistance for the salesman's quotation.