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What are the requirements for customs clearance in Australia?

  • Author:Cynthia
  • Source:Sunny worlwide logistics
  • Release Date:2018-07-05
MentionAustraliaWhat is the first thing we think of in this country? kangaroo? Sydney Opera House? milk powder?

This is of course the characteristics of Australia, but for foreign traders and freight forwarders, it is definitely a matter of import and export in Australia.

Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the DDU/DDP orders that need attention.
The whole cabinet to door procedure is as follows:

1. Arrange the trailer to go directly to the designated warehouse. 

2. The goods are arranged to be loaded,

3. If the goods have wood, arrange fumigation.
4. Export declaration

5. Goods arrive at port

6. Sydney destination port clearance

7. Pay taxes

8. Customs release

9. To confirm whether the delivery address can enter the entire cabinet

10. If you can't enter the whole cabinet trailer, you need to disassemble and change the minivan to deliver.

11. Consignment to customer warehouse / receiving point

12. Sign the inspection. 

It should be noted that the poles in Australian residential areas are very low and cannot enter the trailer, so the cabinets for immigration,
Generally, it is necessary to dismantle the cabinet locally and replace it with a small truck.

Don't worry, the warehouse area can be delivered in the whole cabinet. This can be confirmed with us before shipping.
international sea freight to AU

Customs clearance and customs clearance documents requirements:
1.Company qualification: Australia can do import customs clearance in the name of company and individual. The company does not need import and export rights.
Individuals are not Australian citizens, but they do import customs clearance in their own name. The goods must be brand new.

2. If the product involves the Australian flag, kangaroos and other symbols of Australia, you need an import license to import.

Special request documents:
1. If there is a wooden product or wood packaging, you need to provide a Fumigation certificate to clear the customs, just copy the copy, but the watermark and the bar code in the lower right corner must be clear.

2. Providing the certificate of origin C/O (also known as CHAFTA) can reduce the tariff, copy can be.

3. The product is a machine, you need to provide New/Unused declaration, copy can be.

There are also foreign trade people’s most concerned about the tax rate, because Australia has preferential policies for goods imported from China.
If you provide the China-Australia Certificate of Origin (CHAFTA), we can also do the China-Australia Certificate of Origin and CO/FORM A /FORM E.

Most of the goods imported into Australia are tax deductible or tax-free, and another 10% of GST is charged to CNEE.
CNEE can return GST every three months when filing taxes with the government.

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