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Announcement on matters related to the supervision of temporary entry and exit goods

  • Author:James
  • Source:Hong Kong Shipping
  • Release Date:2019-01-11
In order to serve the country's economic development, strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, promote trade facilitation, and draw on the promotion of customs-related regulatory measures for the first China International Import Expo in 2018, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

(1) With the approval of the State Council, China has extended its acceptance of the Convention on Provisional Imports (ie the Istanbul Convention), Appendix B.2, “Appendix on Professional Equipment” and Appendix B.3 on Containers and Pallets. , packaging materials, samples and other provisions related to commercial operations related to imported goods. At the same time, reservations are made to Article 2, paragraphs (2) and (3) of Schedule B.3.

The Customs has expanded its temporary entry ATA documents for the use of “professional equipment” and “commercial samples”. Temporary entry containers and supporting accessories and equipment, spare parts for maintenance of containers shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

(2) The entry and exit time of the goods temporarily imported and exported under the ATA Carnet is consistent with the validity period of the document.

(叁) If the goods temporarily entering the country (except for temporarily entering goods under the ATA Carnet) are transferred to the special customs supervision area and the bonded supervision place, the competent customs shall rely on the Customs Export Customs Declaration Form of the People's Republic of China. Temporary inbound goods shall be written off and closed.

This announcement shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation.

Special announcement.

General Administration of Customs
January 9, 2019
China shipping agent