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An accident occurred during the clearing of the waterway, and Vietnam ’s main waterway was closed ag

  • Author:Hank
  • Source:sofreight
  • Release Date:2019-12-13
prior toHo Chi Minh PortThe situation of the port was encountered, but it has not been restored so far. Please pay attention.

It has been more than three months since the salvage, and it is still salvaging ... and it has led to the accident again-3 salvage personnel are missing and 2 are unconscious! What's more serious is that the channel is closed again! As a result, this important waterway and port operations were severely affected.

Freight forwarders who recently shipped or re-exported to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! Be sure to understand the local situation before shipping to avoid situations such as delayed shipments!

It is reported that on the morning of December 11, two divers removed the container from the wreckage of the container ship VIETSUN INTEGRITY and suddenly felt suffocated. It was suspected that the dangerous goods in the DG cabinet had leaked. Three other divers from the same diving team rushed to the rescue team. , But trapped under the collapsed container. Two divers were rescued, but their lives were dying, and three divers were still missing.

After the accident, the local government closed the Long Tau Channel again! It is not known when traffic will resume. The Long Tau waterway is an important economic lifeline for Vietnam, and is the main route for container ship and barge operations.

The closure of this important channel will cause a large number of container ships to dock at other ports, which will inevitably cause more serious blockages at other ports.

It is reported that the freight forwarder has been notified that the salvage work of the river in Ho Chi Minh City is still in progress. The arrival schedule will be delayed and the port will be continually congested because the salvage work will affect draught issues. affected!