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American sailor lost contact in storm for 9 days, used mirrors to draw attention to passing ships an

  • Author:Kyrie
  • Source:Search Air
  • Release Date:2020-01-08
According to the British "Daily Mail" January 6, 2020, on December 20, 2019, a sailor encountered a storm at sea and lost contact for 9 days. At first, he tried to use flares to ask for help, but he failed afterwards. You can only use a mirror to ask for help, and get the attention of passing ships. Finally rescued on December 29, 2019.

The man, called Pete Brown, is a resident of Chattanuga, a city in southeastern Tennessee, and he and two other partners traveled from Osaka, Japan to Hawaii.

Encountered by a storm on the way, the mast of their ship was destroyed by the storm into fragments. They released a flare, but no ship saw them. Brown described: "At that time, the sea was getting higher and higher, and we were going to reach the waist. We were still inside. They left without seeing us. I was thinking, oh my god, it was too scary."

A few days later, another boat sailed past their boat, and Brown and two other crew members refracted the light with a mirror to get their attention.

Brown was sure they really saw themselves, and wept with two other companions. He said, "I was crying with joy, we were all. We were crying on the boat."

According to video on board, the three were rescued 656 miles southwest of the Hawaiian Islands on December 29. It is reported that the last known position of their ship without losing contact was 805 miles northwest of Oahu. They had 500 gallons of petrol, two weeks of food, one month of water, and an orange life raft.

A spokesman for the Honolulu Coast Guard Joint Rescue Coordination Centre expressed gratitude for passing ships for their help. "This situation is difficult," he said. "Because the area is remote, search and rescue and communication are difficult." A few days before Brown was rescued, two ships also searched and rescued them, but failed.

"For me, it's really a pleasure to hold my child and wife again. I cherish it even more."