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Amazon will remove such toys from tomorrow

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Mao Hui
  • Release Date:2018-10-23
    Recently, Amazon officially sent e-mails to children's toy products sellers using all-Chinese mail. The content of the e-mail is to provide a toy certificate before October 23, otherwise the inventory will be removed...
  Xiao Bian looked at several Amazon sellers, and found that sellers who meet such requirements do not account for a small number. In the future, security certification is the standard configuration of the seller. Before entering this category, you still need enough understanding and professionalism.Fortunately, Amazon is currently only strict inspection of products, not for stores. All the seller has to do is remove the product, the store is not affected, but it is necessary to act as early as possible.
  Amazon gives you the deadline to remove the inventory within 30 days. You have to start the removal of the order. It takes 10 days to remove the order. You want to sell it at this time, and want to sell it again. Immediately in the peak season, Amazon will put you in the cold and put you in 40 days and then remove it.

What are the requirements for toy products?
US station: CPSIA, etc.

European Station: Safety of EN Toys - Part 1 Mechanical and Physical Properties; EN Toy Safety - Part 2 Flammability; REACH EC Annex Cadmium Content; REACH EC Dyes Aromatic Amines, etc.

Japan Station: Formaldehyde; REACH EC No Aromatic Amine Dyes; Part 1 Physical and Mechanical Properties; Part 3 Chemical Properties; Flammability;

Common security risk analysis

Chemical hazard
  The strengthening of toy chemical safety requirements is the most important change in the new directives, and the restrictions on harmful elements in the new directive have increased from 8 to 19. For the first time, special provisions for CMR (carcinogenic, genetically or reproductively toxic) substances in toys have been introduced, and the use of certain aroma substances that cause allergies has been banned. The requirements for chemical composition in toy materials must be consistent with the EU REACH regulations. The main contents are as follows:
  1. The types of migration elements have been greatly increased, and the limit has been greatly reduced. The limit of migration elements has increased from the previous 8 to 19, and nine kinds of migration elements such as aluminum, boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, tin, antimony and zinc have been added. Restriction; for the restriction of chromium in the migration element, the old instruction only requires limiting the total chromium, and does not divide the price; the new directive requires restrictions on trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium respectively; for the tin element, in addition to inorganic tin, There are restrictions on organotin.
  2. The new directive for the first time prohibits the use of 66 allergenic fragrances in toys. The new directive adds 55 allergenic fragrances and 11 allergenic organic compounds with a content exceeding 0.01%.

Physical hazard
  1. Choking hazard The 88/378/EEC Directive is designed to prohibit the occurrence of small parts in order to avoid the risk of suffocation for children under 3 years of age. The new directive has been extended to the prohibition of small parts for toys for some children over the age of three. For example, some musical toys, because such toys need to be placed in the mouth, small parts are forbidden.

  2. The new Toy Food Directive increases the requirements for food in toys: i) When such toys are sold, the food should be packaged separately from the toy accessories. ii) There should be no small parts in the package itself. iii) It is strictly forbidden to be closely integrated with the food. Toys.

  3. General Safety Requirements The new directive requires that children's unpredictable behavior should be considered when designing toy products in order to obtain greater security.

  4. Hygiene requirements The new directive emphasizes the requirements for the cleaning and hygiene of toys. The requirements for toys designed for children under three years of age should be considered for cleaning/if textile toys should still meet safety requirements after washing.

Warning sign
  Warning Marking The new Directive imposes stricter requirements on the content of the warning label, including: restrictions on the user when it is helpful to the safety, including the user's age limit, ability condition or weight limit, and adult monitoring content; On the packaging or other places that are easily seen by consumers; in addition, the warning signs of toys in foods; warning signs containing fragrances such as makeup sets are added.
  Here is a small reminder of Sunny Worldwide Logistics, remember to issue a certificate when the toy is exported to Amazon.