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Amazon's strike upgrade, logistics is affected, and the warehouse continues to explode!

  • Release Date:2023-11-14
According to reports, recently, the conflict of labor and management has continued to upgrade. Employees of the Amazon British Kaowen Warehouse (BHX4) once again conducted a strike protest. The number of participants exceeded a thousand.

Since January this year, the staff of BHX4 have adopted several strikes, in order to attract Amazon's attention, prompting their wage level to cope with increasingly serious inflation.

Although Amazon agreed to increase salary many times in the future, because the extent involved was less than the expectations of employees, the strike storm failed to calm down.

Earlier, at the "Makeamazonpay" summit co -organized by the International Trade Union Global Alliance and the "International Progress" organization in the UK, the union and government representatives have announced that they will launch a strike in more than 30 countries in the world including Britain this year.

They still advocate "turn the black Friday into the" Amazon paid day ".

At the time of the start of the strike, the British GMB union stated that the staff of the Kaowen warehouses are expected to continue from November 8th to November 9th and November 24th.It has a greater impact on the Amazon distribution business in the peak season.

Due to the advent of the peak season, the BHX4 and LBA4 will continue to have a position, and subsequent DPD delivery and Amazon will be delayed. It is recommended that European station sellers reasonably arrange shipments to avoid causing orders for order.