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Amazon Spain station workers strike! Logistics will be paralyzed

  • Author:James
  • Source:Shipping Network
  • Release Date:2018-03-16
According to Reuters, CCOO stated on March 13 that more than a thousandAmazonSpanish station staff stated that they will join a two-day strike to protest what the union claimed.AmazonPlan to reduce employees' rights.
CCOO said that the strike was jointly initiated by CCOO and other trade unions on March 21 and 22; the venue for the protest was the Amazon San Fernando logistics center in the suburbs of Madrid, where 1,100 employees will attend.
The CCOO union claimed that Amazon plans to prevent wages from rising, cut wages, and reduce wages during weekends or holidays in new employee contracts.
During the "Black Friday" shopping festival last year, employees of the station and the Italian station launched a strike.
AmazonThe Spanish station stated that it had conducted direct negotiations with the union and added that the company provided its employees with a competitive salary structure.