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All the lines are in a hurry, not only the port, but also the US airport is too crowded!

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:Search network
  • Release Date:2019-03-06
    Yesterday, Search Network reported on the continued deterioration of congestion in US ports. According to reports, the West Coast of the United States, including Los Angeles and Long Beach, experienced extreme congestion and further moved to the East Coast of New York, New Jersey and the hinterland. spread. US port congestion continues to deteriorate! Shipping company issued emergency notice to take measures
  Just when freight forwarders and foreign traders think that seaborne exports are experiencing heavy congestion in the port, they can consider arranging air exports to the United States and encounter another crit - now all major airports in the United States are also facing serious congestion!

Forwarders rally response to congested US air hubs

The Airforwarders Association’s mission to put an end to congestion at major US airports is already bearing fruit, but forwarders in New York and Boston worry airport efforts won’t address underlying issues.......
  For example, John F. Kennedy International Airport (NewAirport) in New York City, the import and export manager responsible for all modes of transportation told the media that the cargo operations of JFK did not keep up with its passenger business, especially in terms of technology. So that the airport is blocked by flight delays!
  The person in charge said that there was a “disconnect” between the arrival of the flight and the takeover of the ground service agent, which resulted in a “blackout” period during which most of the goods could not be counted. “When the processor said on the website that the goods had arrived, had been assigned, and were ready to pick up the goods, our driver arrived there and the goods were not assigned at all, which caused our drivers to wait for parking. And because of these wrong information There are a lot of trucks on the roads and airport roads, causing bottlenecks and blockages."

    Green said most of the blame is attributed to the ground staff at JFK. The largest ground crew, World Freight Services (WFS), is controlled by a private equity firm that may not be fully aware of the unique challenges posed by air cargo. . "They almost monopolized the market. They have insufficient staff and low wages to handle the large amount of goods today. We are talking about JFK, a major hub airport. Incredibly, in 2019, we have to pick up The phone, wait for half an hour on the phone line, until the ground crew pick up the phone. If they can't get the correct data about the availability of the goods, even if the dock door is available, it doesn't help, it's shocking."
    All parties and their competitors have suggested that airlines and their ground handling agents work together to resolve the problem of cargo misreporting, but Green said the news was ignored. He said: "The passenger data and information are constantly updated on the airline's website, but the cargo data has not been updated." "This is because passengers will make noise when they are not happy, and the box will not make noise."

    Tom Staub, president of Interfreight Harmonized Logistics in New York, said truck congestion at JFK "has neither improved nor worsened" but "still bad." And he is not optimistic about the congestion improvement at Kennedy Airport.
    He told Joc: "In the past, almost all airlines at JFK had a separate freight station with a wealth of union work income to handle their shipments." "Today, we have several agents that will be as much aviation as possible." The company squeezes into a terminal to hire employees who are paid less than a fast-food restaurant. TSA or Customs takes four to six weeks to approve a job searcher's background check. And the terminal is often understaffed. Plus employees in New York or Long Island Colleagues take care of both jobs, mostly exhausted and therefore do not have the motivation to act quickly."
    Stubb pointed out that there are exceptions, such as Lufthansa, American Airlines and KLM, which handle the cargo handling at JFK Airport smoothly and responsively. "
    But in the 151 cargo building, there are 14 different airlines, including some major cargo airlines, and truck drivers can wait 5 to 6 hours to get to the terminal. In Building 86, you cannot pick up or deliver goods at two to three hours.
    “When we complained to the airlines, they accused the ground staff – the terminal operators were unwilling or unable to help,” Stubb sighed. “I never understood this. The terminal operators are the subcontractors of the airlines. Why do they claim that they have no control over the terminal? This is a mess.”

    Brandon Fried, AFA executive director with 300 members, said: "For a long time, Kennedy has been the main gateway for air cargo on the East Coast. However, due to the lack of infrastructure inside and outside the airport, JFK is in the past. Lost 20% of the freight volume in ten years."
    According to Fried, this lack of investment in infrastructure has reduced the value of JFK compared to other airports in the region, so United Airlines shifted its main New York business from JFK to Newa, New Jersey. Free International Airport, while American Airlines transfers more assets and flights to Philadelphia.