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After the headline accused the United States of declaring sanctions on Iran, the first shipping comp

  • Author:Alvin
  • Source:HKSG-GRUP
  • Release Date:2018-05-17
After the headline accused the United States of declaring sanctions on Iran, the first shipping company to withdraw from Iran appeared!

On May 8th, US President Trump signed a paper announcing his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and announced that he will implement the "highest level" economic sanctions against Iran within 3 months to 6 months!

One stone provoked a thousand layers of waves, the entire international trade and logistics industry suddenly became turbulent, and the price of oil was in a hurry! Iran route emergency!

Sure enough, according to, it has just been learned that although there are nearly half a year before the specific US sanctions were imposed, the first shipping company that has announced its withdrawal from the Iranian market has emerged!

According to the latest report from European media, Maersk Tankers, owned by Maersk Group, will abandon its existing Iranian contract and shelve its business in Iran before the United States withdraws from the Iranian nuclear agreement in November this year!

Maersk Tankers will wind down its existing Iran contracts ahead of November when the US exits the Iran nuclear accord and reimposes sanctions against the country. Tanker carrier Torm has also agreed discharged Iran contracts.

▲ Foreign media reports

This news immediately attracted followers. Another carrier, Tanker carrier Torm, also stated that it will stop shipping to the Iranian region!

In fact, it is not the first time that the United States has imposed sanctions on Iran. As a result of the sanctions, everyone should have the impression.

But this is the first time that Trump has demanded the "highest level" of sanctions. For the first time, the shipping company has acted so quickly! It takes less than 10 days! !

In a recent statement, Maersk Tankers confirmed that it will complete its current contract with Iran for import and export goods until the sanctions imposed by the United States on November 4th are reissued.

"Maersk Tankers has been transporting goods to and from Iranian customers in a limited manner. We will execute the customer agreement signed before May 8, and ensure that they are completed before November 4th in accordance with the US reimbursement of sanctions. We are closely monitoring developments and assessing the potential impact on our activities while maintaining a dialogue with our customers so that they can be notified when changes occur,” Maersk Tankers said in a statement.

Does this mean that the full withdrawal of Maersk tankers from Iran remains unclear. An information source who declined to be named told a rating agency that they will no longer sign the Iran import and export cargo contract.

Tanker carrier Torm has also reduced Iran’s transportation activities, which has raised concerns among other shipowners and shipping companies and caused them to reconsider their activities in Iran. These concerns include the fact that shipping companies may not be able to obtain the capital of U.S. banks and that insurance issues may also arise.

After lifting the sanctions in January 2016, many tanker carriers returned to this oil-rich country. These tanker carriers include the Danish tanker carrier Torm, which now also decides to slow down its activities in Iran.

Torm confirmed to the media that because the United States withdrew from the nuclear agreement, it no longer signed a new Iranian contract. Its senior public relations manager Nina Lomborg stated: "We are closely watching the situation. We have always complied with the rules. Therefore, we have stopped signing new ones for Iran. contract."