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After 750 boxes were dropped, Maersk Essen arrived in Mexico

  • Author:Chelsea
  • Source:Sailing
  • Release Date:2021-01-30
As previously reported, recently, a container ship under the Maersk Group named Maersk Essen suffered a container stack collapse accident on its way from Xiamen, my country to Los Angeles in the United States, and about 750 containers fell into the sea.

It is understood that the vessel has arrived at the anchorage outside the port of Lázaro Cárdenas in Mexico on the 28th. It is expected that the port will be berthed at the Maersk Terminal for follow-up inspection and cargo handling soon.

According to photos posted on some social media, at least 6 Bay container stacks have apparently collapsed.

According to claims consultant WK Webster, “Maersk’s current plan to transport cargo to the intended port of destination is not clear yet, but recent information indicates that after maintenance, the ship may reload the unloaded container and follow The original plan was to sail to Los Angeles. However, some containers may no longer be suitable for transportation, and these goods may require transshipment or local processing."

Maersk also stated in a latest statement that everything is currently going well. The Maersk Essen will re-call Los Angeles after the subsequent inspection and necessary repairs to deliver the unaffected cargo to the destination. In addition, the company also stated that “it is currently not expected to be necessary to transport goods out of Mexico’s ports by land (rail) or alternative ships, but we will not rule out any options until the contingency plan is finalized.”

Maersk predicts that it will take two to three weeks to repair the ship and reinstall all undamaged boxes.

In addition, at the end of December last year, a container ship named "Ever Liberal" under Evergreen also encountered bad weather in the Pacific, causing as many as 36 containers to fall into the sea.

According to the latest information, the round has been repaired and has been put into use again.

Evergreen Shipping said, “After the accident, the ship returned to Taipei, where the damaged container was unloaded and some minor hull damages were repaired. After obtaining the classification society’s airworthiness certificate, the ship has been It set sail again on January 6. Although it caused a delay of about 8 days, the ship arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on January 18 and called at the port on the 26th."