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Accident 丨 A container ship crashed into a fishing boat and fled after the accident. The incident ha

  • Author:MIKEY
  • Source:Sunny Worldwide Logistics
  • Release Date:2020-04-29
According to, on April 25, the Quy Nhon Maritime and Port Authority of Vietnam stated in a statement that a container ship named "PACIFIC EXPRESS" was identified by the Vietnamese Maritime Administration and Coast Guard as the cause of the accident vessel.

▲ The container ship that fled the accident
It is reported that on April 10, a container ship hit a fishing boat near the port of Quinine in Binh Dinh province in central Vietnam. The accident caused the fishing boat to sink and three fishermen on board fell into the water.

However, after the incident, the container ship did not stop but continued to sail, and the fishermen in the water were rescued by the nearby fishing boat. The Vietnam Maritime Port Authority believes that the owner of the container ship should compensate the fishermen ’s ships and other losses.

▲ Foreign media reports
According to the data, the "PACIFIC EXPRESS" ship serves Ho Chi Minh Port and HAIPHONG (Hai Phong), an important port in northern Vietnam. It is important to pay attention to the loading of the ship.

▲ The schedule of the container ship

▲ Two shipping companies served

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